Taking America’s Full Measure

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Lincoln at GettysburgFrom creation to 2014 Valentine’s Day, how do we love the Thee of you and me?  Is it recognizing our contribution to our fate; the metal in warm Sochi ski medals; defeat by feet of East Coast snow; lack of immediate solutions or inability against latest pollutions?

From conquering red skins to red coats, how now do we conquer ourselves?  By judicial review stocking the new private stockades, owned by those who banked on bank stocks, stocking up with stock option trades?  Are we victorious with a Gettysburg Address or continuing us against them, when long lines fail to prevail, closing election polling places for the majority of the minorities?

From forgiveness of Valentine lovers to celestial guidance and unresponsive government, how do we stand our ground so merged in herds by Comcast, Time Warner, Media Corporatism and Cruz style politics?

Lacking belief in the standards in poor’s, is 1% mental madness desperately marketing black and brown into ravenous customers, while denying them the vote for their success?  How do we choose between being snowed in by snow job or venturing onto the meadow, only to be snuffed out at the ballot box?

From a hand up, to the blessings of an equal opportunity to gain, who then, for the stacked deck we’re dealt, can we blame?  Smoked windows of granite buildings, extended limos, gated communities or puppeteers of smoke screen shame?

Can we take equality by taking stock of the gifts we’ve already got, or do we need more sunshine on the possibilities of purpose driven humankind?  Rediscovering golden rules on roads so less travelled they’re overgrown with our forgotten promise, shall we greedily grab the first bite or recapture the magic of a one for all, all for one, good fight?

From hope to miracles, we unblock virtual and material bridges, and manufacture best, when equalizing foundations for full economic opportunity, if we honesty employ, and raise minimum wage with true political diversity.

From the power from which all sons and daughters come, is it not still true, to those that much is given, much is expected?  To each his own, but all are given talents at birth, pre-selected — some ten, some five, but at least one, in all invested.

Now what are we to do with what we can do?  Pulling together or pushing apart, the sun will melt the snow if not the heart, but only free will in national combo, can propel us into today, before another inequitable tomorrow.

From what’s been forgotten to what we’ve learned, is it Forgiveness from the 99%, Guidance from higher mental States, Helping taxes from 1%, Blessings from unity, Gifts from giving, Miracles for those grasping opportunities in changing, Health from chemical free water and food without pesticides and pharmaceuticals and Money, not love transformed into evil, but proof of life’s greatest achievement: a playing field that’s level.

Shall we use our given talents to give back for humanity’s common good or relive days of, let them eat leftover scraps from board room tables, renewing equation of women as chattel and minorities, property, whenever able?

From such suits of mass destruction, can we defend a modicum of distinction, or emulating, as requested, the super wealthy, shall we too declare independence for ourselves by enslaving those whose daily labors, build 99% of 1% dreams in Wall Street cells?

Can we not at least agree, in Happy Valentine decree, the world will be a lonely hearts club for all, when oil slicks witness the last tree fall.  Leaving no safe fish nor fowl, clean water or Middle Class worker bees to deal — money alas, is no substitute for a meal.


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