Hitler Poland – Bush Iraq – Putin Ukraine

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Ukraine & RussiaWhen you need the roar of war paint to score, but you feel like a second rate Napoleon, grasping dusty designs left behind, you make a global splash for camera frenzy, impressing leaderless, needing that old feeling of master race.

World calling back all ambassadors might be greater deterrent than G8 silence, in playing Chicken with KGB leftover on autopilot.

Ukraine, like others in revolution, is on the brink of disaster or another east-west divide, caught between its reserves and a rock hard Russian grab.  Fanatics seldom think before stepping in it, like Putin leading by following crowd yearning to be in race for first place again.

This is Putin’s Operation Urgent Fury, an unoriginal reprisal of leaders with nothing but time to kill and something to prove to audience needing something in which to believe — like financially depressed post WWI Germans.

So goes replay:  the same players playing in same dissonance, expecting a different finale — UN Security Council, NATO, Moscow and Congress — circle the wagons, surround the bases, cut off communications, nobody gets in or out – just like TV.  However, even with Drone technology perfected to end droughts, war is no more a pinpoint accurate science than guaranteeing every American the right to vote, free from 2014 regurgitation of Jim Crow polling tactics.

It’s hard to pause and think things through when media can’t catch its breath between war cries.  However, this is a breath catching Cuban Missile Crisis moment.  So will we be JFK or Dick Cheney?  If the people of Kiev choose to raise Euro value, Putin following Palin’s gotcha with Crimea annexation, isn’t unexpected.

Despite Putin peeling off south east Ukraine for wannabe Soviets again, it’s not just Russians rushing to oppress — Rick Perry cuts basic healthcare for Texas poorest, to invest more taxes in rising unintended births; Scott Walker’s anti-Social Services agenda; GW bridge used as political tool; West Virginia water unfit for consumption.

Nothing could be more dangerous now than political macho blustering bravado of WWII movie plots from the likes of McCain & Paul Cruzin against veterans’ benefits in an election year.

Nothing more telling than shifting from Carolina coal ash drinking water to finger POTUS for Bi-partisan committee sequester approved defense cuts.

Nothing more redundant than choosing to be global corporate police protection, instead of protecting Main Street from The Street.

Nothing more backward than Virginia Republicans denying women constitutional equality in House Sub-Committee 5-2.

Though wise to look to the past, governing from it, begs prologue.  Monolithic politics dominate by imposing military options for Wall Street mathematics, over peaceful world vision.  That’s why history’s bullies preemptively strike, for special interests protection.

Corporatism needs politically corrupt to provide bloody sands and streets, to drown people appealing for the freedom to be Left, or Right, on their own.  While we cannot ignore any passionate zealot blinded by the belief that theirs is the only truth, we need to see, not so much into Putin’s eyes, as through them.

When trailing in global academia, American arrogance is a dangerous distorter of our superiority.  People, like American women, feeling less valued, those suppressed, like American minorities, or globally left behind like Russian citizens, can fuel a topless ego eager to be on top again especially if he believes the breakup of the Soviet Union was “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of our time.”

Question is how to walk softly through quicksand of gender economic inequality, sex discrimination and privatized prisons when Ukraine antagonist has a big stick too?  By acknowledging, civilization probably not advanced by those living in glass houses?

Saving nations through invasion isn’t just Russian roulette.


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