Our Anger and Fear Breed Life’s Bully Bosses

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Maybe we don’t still need a Lincoln, but waving the Constitution while wrapped in Old Glory, without becoming the embodiment of his and the words of Jefferson, FDR, JFK, King or even a well-meaning Obama on a good day, breeds a pretend America.Water Coal Ash Pollution

As a people, we do tend to celebrate the ridiculous more often than we emulate the sublime.  It’s all in the marketing, and still our uniting divider:  injustice under Corporatism’s conservative political windup inaction toy politicians, afraid and angry over what brown and black might do to old Red, White and Blue.

We laud and applaud the superficial and largely Americanized, for maximum patriotic effect, ARGO, but beyond a nod to the immense power of Daniel Day-Lewis, and Production Design, ignore Spielberg’s Lincoln.

Rooted by Gravity, we nonetheless kneel at the altar of tortured history in 12 Years a Slave, turning away from current reality:  inequality of opportunity and freedom to vote for all Americans is the anti-American perennial embedding its Roots in the police state of Fruitvale Station.

Too many of us voice anger when, where and at what we’re directed.  Being herded by the bullies of greed, instilling fears that others will get, or take, what we’ve got, we hate who we are and settle for less than we could be.

Coal Ash water or any environmental pollution is not just the result of companies producing and releasing toxic chemicals and oil into our water.  Nor just the responsibility of the CDC, EPA or solely the fault of other corporate bullied politicians.

It’s a collective Schultz, I see nothing, casting our ballot pearls before political swine continually slurping at the corporate troth.  Every time we care more about keeping a job that kills American children that we vote for the losers and winners of CPAC Saturday Central, WE are the problem.

For more than a decade the people of General Motors knew they were making cars that killed people.  Yet federal safety people passed them on to our highway system, with corporate owned media people enraptured by preaching rapture for profit people, green flushed people driving to re-elect people who thrive on how well their greed breeds the fear and anger vote of We the People.

And still we play pet Dino jumping for a bone from Wall Street Flintstones, ignoring that our greatest dinosaurs of hate, economic inequality, sexism and Jim Crow laws are alive and well, ensconced in Congress by mental fossils re-enacting a revised past.

Repressing any American for differing beliefs, preferences or appearance, depresses America’s potential.  So why do we elect the seceded from rational thought mental states of Rick Scott, Mike Pence, Rick Snyder, Pat McCrory, John Kasich, Rick Perry, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz.

Insisting ours is the only way, generations steeped in deaf, dumb and blind to the best future for all, re-elect our past.  Why do we continue to deny that united reasonable voices can build a bridge even Chris Christie can’t block?

Championing America’s almighty iron-fist — our Military Industrial Complex — instead of dialogue, debate and reason, Republicans empower KGB Putin, demean Obamacare and cut food stamps and unemployment benefits.

Why do they do that?

Believing in he-man propaganda, we elect K Street puppets.  Then working for their puppeteers, we sacrifice our political, mental, financial and physical health on the altar of bully pollution.

Electing those whose beliefs are manufactured to manipulate our vote, while selling us toxic waste is why Life’s Bully Bosses think tomorrow is promised them, to dodo that voodoo that they do so well.

So, before clocks spring forward again, what are WE going to do about why we did it?


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