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Kennedy and CubaI can still feel that deep gut helplessness every time the sky snatches away what we need most, loved ones, hope and the courage to go on:  it was twenty-five years ago, yet as recent as Malaysia Airlines flight 370. 

Mom’s flight was over an hour late.  Front desk poker faced people, emulating nurses doctor forbidden to divulge patient medicals, as cryptic as Spy Lie, Feinstein’s CIA reality show, propelled me follow the loud clanking of the arrivals and departure board, hoping for answers.  Arriving, Mom’s flight number and arrival time changed to, delayed – then disappeared altogether.

For me, there’s nothing mysterious about what the friends and families of those on flight 370 are going through.  Like Titanic, the Boeing 777 is too big to fail, too much “Breaking News” for media to pass up ratings, too knowledge is power, for officials to give those waiting for the encouragement to hope.  Even the horrible possibility that the passengers of flight 370 and their Boeing have been hijacked and landed somewhere for nefarious demands, for hope can be encouraged by the least likely or likable options.

There is little doubt that the world is changed when people who profit by the pain and suffering of others, play on our fears, challenge our political egos, advancing from Palin’s front porch view to military land grab of smaller less militarily powerful neighbors.

He’s got the whole world in His hands, but only as foundation for the good people of earth to support, encourage and lift up all souls, even while

  • Oil and Gas Putin people seek profit in war to recapture the past
  • General Motors people make cars with ignitions that kill passengers for a decade
  • Murder convicted BP people are welcomed back with open drill baby drill arms
  • Joining their Coal Ash producing cousins, standing atop the people’s ignorance of climate change producing weather extremes, destroying people’s lives with drinking water
  • Koch heads:  opportunistic 50’s throw back Cruz, poverty accuracy challenged Paul Ryan, fire-arm awkward Mitch McConnell, bridge bully Chris Christie, education killing Rick Perry and dog without a bone Issa make Rand Paul look like a rebased half Alaska Governor as running mate for the Donald.


Yet aren’t most people proof of the miraculous promise of America:

  • Still encouraged by the American Dream of equal Justice for All
  • Still instilling hope for full equality with Three State Strategy
  • Still believing at least three more States in our union will unite against keeping female people in their place
  • Still encouraging unity between all shades of Americans
  • Still working for equality of opportunity, equal pay and at least $10.10 minimum wage
  • Still standing their ground giving government people the courage to pass the Equal Rights Amendment giving women the Constitutional umbrella they deserve as people


We are the world that We the People have made and continue pro-recreating

  • For every Nazi invasion of Poland and Bush pre-emptive Iraqi strike, America’s Greatest Generation were America’s greatest baby makers
  • For every Putin grabbed Crimea and Khrushchev’s nuclear Cuba, there’s the Best and Brightest of JFK’s American University speech for World Peace

This is why American people can be filled with genuine hope, not because we’re better than the other people in the world, but because

  • We’ve been given more reasons to hope
  • Given the power to destroy yes, but
  • Given the strength to demonstrate courage by encouraging
  • Given the wisdom to know the difference between CPAC and truth

America’s hope is in our education of every child and encouraged equal opportunity for every adult.

Mom’s plane landed safely.  Let us hope flight 370 did as well.

Peace – Hope – Encouragement = Justice for All.Hopeful hands


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