What’s the Point!?!

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Civil Rights GodmotherAre we ready to be the heroes who carry the torch of humankind’s enduring causes, who enable hope and inspire dreams that will never die, because that’s the whole point of America? 

On March 18th, the trumpet sounded roll call for twenty-four.  Standing in solidarity three represented three wars and all those who, though passed over, rose above and beyond the call of duty – a trinity of self-sacrifice, honoring the proclaimed Exceptionalism, of a many hued nation.

After decades of not being included in indivisible with justice for all, we lost many before a presidential handshake and partial national embrace – having taken the high road, three accepted the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Shoulder to shoulder, despite religion, race and heritage, twenty-four, finally recognized by most of their nation, for their courageous service to an entire nation.

America, still two steps forward with one war down, but one step backward with judges unable to agree equality of marriage is Justice for All, online advocates and offline activists of every POV push, pull and tug at us in the American shuffle to embody the Declaration of Independence, personify the Gettysburg Address and chisel in our soul, I Have a Dream, national character.

To those who give and give through decades of wait, be patient, we salute you, for you are the reason the good fight must go on, despite fewer distinctions between the good, the bad and the ugly.  You make the rest of us the point of your mission, ever forward — to keep on keeping on.

What’s the point, can’t be imagined if we don’t recognize the uberwelt Wall Street green that is the blinding blizzard aiding and abetting the transition of black & white hats into gray.  The point is, recognizing the few who carry on, on behalf of the many, for what was parchment captured, but in the wake of Citizens United, is increasingly morally elusive:  justice equals indifference to differences.

The point is, we don’t have to tolerate GM ignitions, Toyota accelerations, harmful side affecting numbers juggled statins, murderous Halliburton/BP barons or drinking water intentionally pumped full of Coal Ash – pushed on us by corporate wheeler dealers and their political cronies.  We can join in the good fight, for, rather than against, each other, and tax the 1% who created, and still profit from America’s economic demise.

First, recognize the tomfoolery of a Paul Ryan poverty definition, the intentional upward boom of Trickle Down, the Bush/Cheney shell-game shifting redefinition and redistribution of The Poor, The Middle Class and The Right reasons for war, and news media using flight tragedy like a teaser ad for a mystery thriller.

We need voters electing government that repairs, not blocks, falling bridges; that chooses carefully construction sites with less potential for sinkholes and mudslides.

The point is, the equal opportunity for Corporatism’s Conservative 47% with Progressives’ Liberal 47% is in embracing the middle 6% in recognition of a seemingly forgotten second half:  Divided We Fall.

Second, also recognize domestic battlefield heroes, running the race against corporate dominated government and those opposed to common sense solutions for the common good, and honor them with imitation before our final roll call.

Third, don’t be fooled by any political party with a 1% agenda, whether Corporate bought Tea or Conscience Clause Terry McAuliffe appointing history destroying, anti-gay Dwight Jones.

The point:  it’s time to reject accepting the lesser of two evils!

Now, with eyes, hearts and minds open, recognize our own Putins, and insist on a budget that makes all better off.

The point:  We honor ourselves by replacing persons and programs that don’t work for Justice for All.

That’s Exceptional!

Better off Budget


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