Wall Street thinks it’s Our Father who art in Heaven, Howard  

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American HungerWe’re shocked when Chris Christie, more than to reporters, and Condoleezza Rice, more than to University of Minnesota students, tell the greatest lie of all – the lie we tell ourselves.

It’s like different people looking at the very same issue, TV show, or Constitution and seeing total opposites; or college Football brain injuries:  solution isn’t to increase time a player spends in medical or classroom examinations, but in increasing hours spent on the gridiron as potential paid employee.

Truthfully, Christie & Rice are innocent until proven to be less than saints preserving us with bridge limitations and mushroom clouds.  True also, neither will ever be invited to speak as defendants in a court of law.

True or False:  we get the government, business community, job and life we settle for, having been carefully taught, by spending too much time listening to too big to fail expert opinions, masquerading as facts — each basting in repetitious glaze of Koch head misinformation, until the appearance of truth is baked in us.

Following the Citizens United Money:  what so entices wannabes Kasich (Ohio), Walker (Wisconsin) Christie (bridge debunker) and Jeb (oil Dynasty) to slither their way down into the inner sanctum, deep within the bowels of a Las Vegas casino?

Were we never invited to the We Built That club, where membership qualification is still convincing us, that personal wealth builders Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Ford and J.P. Morgan did it all, only for God and country, with no working middle class contribution, until now as their Wall Street descendants work just as deliberately to transform us into underemployed working poor?

Do the power hungry, greedy for favors from super wealth, gather beneath a gambling house, below the radar of Justice, to roll the dice for America?

Are they asking a money laundering network of corporations to funnel donations from the top Right four hundred, led by recognition seeking, Sheldon Adelson, to knock out Democracy?

Or are they just an amoral organization agonizing over their definition of equal economic opportunity as the redistribution of their wealth, and thus we must be socialists?

How many times have the words:  National Security, Socialism and Communism been applied by corporate funded Republicanism to inspire wars to keep the less powerful in their place?  Continuing to believe such labeling distortion is March madness April showering tax loopholes on super rich, producing May funeral flowers for the youth dying in wars for Corporatism’s anti-America’s club – leaving We the People swimming in red ink and blood.

A Reagan fabricated welfare queen isn’t the major source of our lack of moral and legal accountability.  It’s the scripted reality show of a Wall Street flip flopping FDR’s New Deal, on the backs of millions of hard working Americans.  It’s the legacy of seeds planted by the likes of Prescott Bush, now being harvested by the Koch heads of oil spills and Coal Ash water.

Corporatism is America’s Putin:  forcibly taking what it wants from those with less, believing it’s better to negotiate forgiving settlement after, than ask permission before.  Like corporate business model, Analysis of Product Recall vs. getting caught and court ordered to pay damages:  It’s cheaper to pay damages tomorrow than correct product deficiency today – ask GM.

Whether global stewards, national patriots or damaged goods, truth is inside us already:  Corporate raped earth, Coal Ash water, the stench of oil-spill air, nature reclaiming forest fires and knowingly constructing in zones prone to sinkholes & mudslides?

Transportation, Industry, Media, Banks, income, so what’s the next domestic weapon of mass destruction?  Hunger.

It’s as close as disappeared food stamps and unemployment benefits, and that’s the God’s Truth.


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