Month: April 2014

You know what’s wrong with the world today!?!  

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It’s not just Banks making certain we find enough breadcrumbs to keep us following, but not enough to indict the traitors at the end of the money trail.

Thanks to recession perpetrators still holding stay out of jail cards, America’s good guys have just won another European victory:  the gap between American income extremes is wider than that in Europe:  Middle Class income in developed industrial western European countries is closer to their top 1% than we are.

So what’s the solution to, you know what’s wrong with the world today?  Not just following, or even making the money, nor by becoming single issue voters against single-payer healthcare.

The answer is in the wind:  using our buying power, make going Green more profitable than black gold.  Corporatism’s bottom-line greed is the motivating thrill that will Henley Windtransplant us from oil spills to lying down in green pastures.  Keeping our enemies closer than our friends is wise, because knowledge is the people power that effects reformation and a Better-off-budget. 

So what’s wrong with the world today?

  • Forgetting when we say, government, we’re saying us, not them
  • Paying taxes to an IRS paying bonuses to employees who don’t pay taxes.
  • Succumbing to stock market High Frequency traders devaluation of us
  • Ignoring an iceberg six times the size of Manhattan breaking off a glazier, while applauding intellectual embarrassment of four North Carolina Republicans insulting America’s former educational superiority
  • Being the audience who laughs at military gays, while electing Climate Change ostriches
  • Paving the road from California drought to national food prices and scarcity of clean water, for international conglomerates behind smoked windows high above lower Manhattan
  • Shaming our inner Good Samaritan by denying those in privatized prisons, Nestle’s thirst for privatized water and a Shell-Putin public finger
  • Trending Colombia vs Columbia while banned Affirmative Action, diminishes America by diminishing college applications from the likes of a Sonia Sotomayor
  • Failing on Earth Day to embrace one day a year without a single consumer buying gas, fast food, prescriptions, cigarettes or walking (clicking) into a bank
  • Abandoning the truth of the Golden Rule: if we allow those with the gold to make the rules, at least remind them that we are the source of their gold

If we want accountable Corporatism, responsible government and acceptable reforms from the economic top 1% of the 1%, we have to stop buying from those who sold us out – instead question how Wall Street plans to profit next from our hunger and thirst, on a raped Mother Earth?

According to insiders Merrill Lynch Global and Bank of America, there is a Perfect Storm coming for drinking water.  From the gang that helped eliminate 40% of the world’s wealth, comes a report that water scarcity is a pressing people and planet issue – Really?!?   They note, 768 million earthlings have no access to clean drinking water and 2.5 billion are without proper sanitation.

Still want a Palcohol transformation of clean water into vodka or rum & Koch?

When corporate opponents to Climate Change science, admit that water is neither a free nor limitless resource, they’ve already calculated how to reap financial rewards from scarcity.  Buyers beware of false advertising from double crossing American Crossroads, phony patriots.

Water disappearingWhat if by 2030 the demand for water and food exceed Earth’s ability to supply?  Will corporatism finally stop oil wars in favor of H2O wars?

While there are a number of drop-in-the-bucket public policy solutions from the impotent EPA, what about private corporatism’s depletion of our food, energy and water supply?

What’s wrong with the world today is, it’s reaching a boiling point and we’re still listening to those fanning the flames.

Join us:  Become one of the reasonable voices heard round the world.

Living Dangerously is The Right Plan for Resurrection

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Too Big To FailHistorically, conquerors win hearts and minds through stomachs, schools and jobs; A toxic mix:  identify selected enemy to blame, a pound of flag waving, stir in school-to-prison until most black males jailed since slavery, douse with bank imposed crushing student loan debt sauce, a dash of Coal Ash water, pepper for the salt of the earth voter, sugar for those elected to serve the lemonade, and the piece de resistance – misinformation seasoned with public education elimination.

The shakedown Breakdown:

a)   Wipe out 40% of Global economy while wearing a suit

b)   Shift responsibility of healthcare benefits from employer to employee

c)   Decrease salaries; Without increasing minimum wage, limit equal pay between sexes

d)   Cut off credit purchasing power

e)   Defund food stamps and unemployment benefits

f)    Demoralize hope for future with fantasy of trickle down cash flow to after school programs in decaying structures — passing those we’ve failed

Historically, using ever increasing attrition subtleties, corporate war victories follow the last shot fired by the sacrificed less affluent.  Wealthy invaders seize the day, by controlling Media information flow; Communications:  traceable smart phones, emails, cell conversations; Transportation:  neglecting infrastructure.

Historically being Conservative meant knowing when to hold them and when to fold them; resisting new and different change from the comfort zone of status quo.

Now ultra conservatives sell us on great creature comforts’ expectations:  thermostats, light switches, Big Screen TV, violent video games, safe & private internet access, microwaved pizza – while something’s changed for the creatures — Seasons are blending into temperature rollercoaster rides confusing all of nature, while man imitates the frog in a simmering water pot.

Where is our Point of No Return or return of rational thought, gone with the wind?  It’s Right to deny, change is gonna come, oh yes it is, but that’s living dangerously.

Already we’re breathing and drinking dangerous change, every time we allow Fossil Fuel corporatism to oil our consumerism greed for convenience, while Conservatives fund policies and politicians who exclude people not like the Koch preferred Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Susana Martinez crowd.

The clock ticks every time we ignore the mowing down of more Rain Forrest, a cow burps, rice paddies float and like Standard Oil in 1933, Shell makes a Putin house call to make a deal for their bottom line, at the expense of ours.

We make history by following the examples of women like Senator Elizabeth Warren, embracing a Texas record breaking 38% wind energy production day and reversing 2008 government & corporatism’s collusion to murder employment, family security, peace of mind and hope for most Americans – increasing the economic gap and inequality of opportunity to be America.

Up, down or sideways; funded we built that or inequitable money changers; Tipping Point for all including wait staff, or more long lines to vote for food:  Climate Change is here!  Ice is melting in more than a Koch head’s supremely invested cocktail.  And if you vote, thinking when the one percent of the one percent find a cousin earth in space, and dump our earth, they’ll take you with them, then you’re Right.

There’s a reason average American Conservatives resist Medicare for All, Medicaid Expansion and ERA ratification – they’ve been misinformed.  However, for Wall Street’s wealthiest, it’s because such programs reverse their world order plans for Climate Change financial benefits, and tips the scales in favor of We the People.

We’ll never know all the changes The Citi-Group, Goldman, BofA, Wells Fargo Street made to us, but there is no Resurrection of Justice without our asking, seeking and knocking, to find it.

Before the clock ticks nevermore, join us: Become one of the reasonable voices heard round the world.Climate Chage Cows