America 1968–2014

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Dr. Martin Luther King JrIf a majority of Americans are as dumb as the Koch brothers think we are, America loses.  However, if we are a society believing everything we see, on a screen of any size, is true, how was a bi-racial president, despite multi-millions spent by spiteful billionaires, re-elected?

Maybe one can find five Supremists on a court ruling in favor of the ruling class, proving perhaps five robed easy pieces are dumb enough to think we’re superficial enough to forget the 1960s, and be fooled by Koch brother sins projected onto American citizens.  However, on Tuesday November 6, 2012, millions of Americans proved their voting savvy and 1960s’ courage.

No, Americans are not as dumbfounded as inheritors of oil refining, chemical production, lumber & paper products Koch, need us to be.

That’s why Charles and David Koch misuse and abuse our love of God, Country and fellow citizens, with pretend patriotic labels like Americans for Prosperity.  Even competitor for shame, Karl Rove was smart enough to brag how such titles could dummy down voters to elect an economy destroying administration, twice.

Obviously the brothers Grimm, Chuck & Dave Koch are as deaf, dumb and blind as Rumsfeld, to the transparency of their anti-American defense.  It’s not We the People who are financially sabotaging every American’s right to vote, it’s ultra-conservative Kochs.

Imagine a Three Stooges adorned in the finest suits Wall Street can buy, but still dumb enough to think, those of us who still think, are so naïve we’d believe the performance of their rented member, prepped and propped on the stage of the Senate floor, reading his lines, prompting, the gentleman from the Right National Republican Senatorial Committee doth protest too much.

Indeed, none are as guilty as those who accuse American voters of the very offense they themselves have repeatedly committed.

In 2014 it’s smart to remember 2008, because Davie & Charlie Koch still powder their noses with aplomb, gerrymandering the public trust with self-aggrandizing pride, envy, anger and greed, yet still casting the first stone.

Since knowledge is power, if most of us know far too little about an America bought, betrayed and sold out by supremely sanctioned mega billionaire political donors, like Sheldon Adelson and Koch duo, how can we form an informed opinion, let alone vote wisely.  If enough of us choose to play dunce in the corner, then papa Fred Koch can bequeath sons David and Charles, his John Birch anti-American Society.

If at any social, educational or financial rung on the ladder of trying to keep up with the Jones’, our love of money spawns greed that elevates value of profit 1) over the value of our lives, 2) higher than affordable mental & physical health-care for civilians, veterans & serving military or 3) above American products, infrastructure, drinking water and air quality safety – then Koch heads win.

If we’re under and/or misinformed by the fog of oil wars, that we missed — March was Women’s History Month; USAID sacrificed for Cheney style CIA torture; GM criminality; $10.00 too much, but Supremes grant unlimited political funding; Dems who ran from Obamacare while GOP pounced on it – we might have missed, Koch head disciples, using Scott Walker’s yardstick to measure our voting deliberations.

Such men as these will never measure up to a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr; nor will billionaire money ever offer a candidate like Bobby Kennedy, because men like the Koch brothers will never understand that Americans have already proven their distaste for being sold, figuratively and literally.

While the Koch brothers have been shell gaming America and Americans for decades, real men, like Daniel Murphy know new birth is life’s greatest homerun.

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2 thoughts on “America 1968–2014

    Richard Lerner said:
    April 5, 2014 at 1:06 am

    I am imagining that years from now people will look back and marvel at how we legalized bribery, but I think it’s just a fool’s dream.

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