A Load of Presidential Crock

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PresidentsApril 14, Titanic sinks and President Lincoln shot.  April 2014, those who torture remain free, whether Russian, American or Corporate presidents.

Why We Did It:  Corporations still banking on depleting energy resources, racing against mothers and nature to deny clean air, water and terra firma to future, or maybe just overreaction to oral in the Oval becoming a new family value.

So we did it: the Right bombing falsely accused, dictating homeland proclaim, we who are about to die salute the unknown knowns of the Mushroom Cloud Crowd.  Forget birth certificates, how about presidential mental health certification?

We Did It:  salute Vietnam War President, Lyndon Baines Johnson; shun Middle East peacemaker who actually entered Teddy’s arena and though marred by an unspoken malaise, politically bloodied by dust choked helicopters’ rescue attempt in Iranian desert sands, strove valiantly to bring home fifty-two Americans held hostage for 444 days – yet The City on The Hill We Built That award goes to:  delaying freedom of Americans until presidential inauguration, January 20, 1981.

Secrets, lies and hypocrisy are not strange bedfellows at intersection of 1600 Pennsylvania & Wall Street, where the pursuit of happiness, money and power comingle, intoxicating the mentally warped, long before GW or GM.

Indeed the greatest afterglow of Abu Ghraib and trial free zone Guantanamo is orgasmic proof of Koch head threesome:  Pentagon/Corporatism/Government.

Leading Assad by Iraqi example of White Phosphorus, as what’s called murder in inner city America, is collateral for one hundred thousand in Fallujah.

Mindlessly following Pacman’s breadcrumbs from Gulf of Tonkin to Weapons of Mass Destruction myths, we hail to the chiefs of Corporate America war criminals — not originators, but like Cheney and friends, fabricating their variation on the theme foreshadowed by Himmler’s I. G. Farben.

Predating Franklin and Adams insisting Jefferson declare our independence from such as these, the law of the land was, inequality for women, human slavery and wealthy landowners paving the way to a Paul Ryan budget with Governors refusing citizens the benefits of The Affordable Care Act.

One unknown unknown is how low those mentally altered by greed have taken our Republic in the name of patriotism, Homeland Security and the Citizens United way.  We really do need stronger Mental Health standards and requirements for occupants of State Houses and the Supreme Court.

Whether Prescott Bush attempted a Coup d’état against our 32nd president or not, the family value learned by Corporatism after two Presidents Roosevelt was – Right Wing Congressmen and self-righteous presidents pay big dividends on Wall Street investments.

Did Bush 41 ever confess, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us, and if he did, what was he talking about, Reagan’s Iran Contra, Desert Storm, Quayle’s potatoe, CIA hits on three Kennedys?

LBJ administration was beneficiary of presidential assassination and the Civil Rights Law:  a politically embarrassed 87th Congress.  True JFK was a Johnny come lately to presidential Civil Rights action, but inspired to political courage by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, President Kennedy was the architect of government proposed racial equality, and not the Vietnam Military Industrial Complex bullies who, four days after Dallas, replaced NSAM 263 with NSAM 273.

Why They Did It:  Perpetual war profits, mental illness of Banks crippling education with student loans, voting rights going Right back where we started from and a sixteen year old giving a shot in the arm to LaPierre’s mind numbing, guns don’t kill people.

The gap in mental health in elected officials, born of society’s gap in informed voting, is as anti-American as any gap in economic opportunity – leaving America vulnerable to corporate induced Bullicide.

Join us:  Become one of the Reasonable Voices heard round the world.


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