Time, Ghosts of Police State and Cancer

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PDA Tim CarpenterForget your Pearly Gates expectation of, were you naughty or nice.  As Tim Carpenter now knows, it’s more like, did you do what we sent you to do?  Whatever your ballot box position, for Tim let us all say, Amen.

In a moment, we can notice the ignored, but few like Tim Carpenter, co-founder of The Progressive Democrats of America made the time to make a difference.  While Tim lost his fight with Melanoma, he left us with a winnable plan to continue the good fight for Equal Justice Under Law.

Time is of the essence.  Time is all we have, but ultimately is of little consequence, for time is not promised — so act accordingly.

Tim was defined by his answering the call to speak truth to power, pushing both Left and Right off their center of nonsense, in favor of common sense — all while talking at the speed of enlightenment.

Tim’s Oh No You Didn’t piercing glare could stop a lying member of Congress in duping public mode, from completing lies like, we go to war to make peace, or privatizing prisons and Social Security are not self-serving collusion between corporatism and politicians.

Sometimes, I feel the Rutherford Institute’s predicted Police State is here, sensing our Jim Crow past, disappearing selected neighborhoods, increasing our potential for separate but unequal citizenship, as demonstrated by elected government officials enthusiastically supporting a Nevada tax cheat, while under protection of a self-appointed armed militia; then running for cover when he’s exposed to be more like Donald Sterling, and them.

For the last ten of his fifty-five years, Tim gathered an astute team of activist thinkers and progressive advocates who exposed

  • a government sacrificing young Americans like pawns in wars for callous players of board room chess
  • Jim Crowism impeding the integrity of every American’s right to vote
  • the crippling of our nation’s potential with hypocritical flag waving and Constitutional misquotes and manipulation, to inflict economic demise by a thousand cuts
  • the need for Congress to finance America’s need for upgrades in infrastructure, education, food and employment
  • the transformation of American Exceptionalism into American Imperialism, including Black Site tactics in the field, on The Street and in minority communities

“Welfare Queen” and “…Government is the Problem” are slogans that turn us against each other, while PDA unites with Medicare for All and making Healthcare a guaranteed Human Right.

To those yearning for the good ol’ days who felt Tim was a thorn in their side, they’re probably Right.  Tim was the watchman for the people, offering up Congressional Better-off-Budget.

During tax payer financed Issa Benghazi performance, Carpenter’s PDA lobbied The Hill for Healthcare Not Warfare.

While Attorneys General Alberto Gonzales and Eric Holder granted de facto pass for CEOs, CFOs, and board members of HSBC, USB, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo et al, sparing them prosecution, claiming anything beyond a pinprick fine to their bottom line, would destroy America — Progressives countered that such institutions as these having already disappeared 40% of the global economy, have already destroyed America as we knew it.

People like Tim Carpenter, Andrea Miller (PDA), Senators Elizabeth Warren & Bernie Sanders, Michigan US Rep. John Conyers, Eileen Davis (ERA), Virginia NOW President Diana Egozcue and MoveOn TPP Liz Warren work to keep America miraculous, with ideas that produce Climate Change solutions, transparent elections, equal economic opportunity, prevention of Police State mass criminalization of minorities while denying restoration of rights and the saving of our Environment.

On Saturday May 10, 2014, whatever your proximity to Northampton, send a blessing to Tim’s wife Barbara and two daughters, salute PDA’s first ten years of active advocacy and thank the power around and within us, for giving us Tim Carpenter, for a time.

Finally, if you believe you cannot love America while hating Americans join us: Become one of the reasonable voices heard round the world.


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