Oil War gods = Weeping Widows and Childless Mothers

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In May 1966 Steven Andrew Jarrett was graduated from UR.  On May 12, 1968 First Lt Steven Andrew Jarrett was killed in Vietnam.

You can’t know the players without a scorecard, so let’s do the math….

1) Practices of The Securities and Exchange Commission under William H. Donaldson (GWB) and Mary L Schapiro (Obama)

2) The Federal Reserve Bank, under Alan Greenspan (Reagan), Ben Bernanke (GWB) eroding and transforming the majority of our Money Trust board of the Federal Open Market Committee, from public appointees into FOMC private bankers majority, and Dr. Janet Yellen (Obama) not correcting this 1980/90’s anti-Middle Class trend

3) The recent history of the Treasury Department: why Paul O’Neill dumped Bush/Cheney; the Right rudderless ship of Henry Paulson (GWB); the systematic support of The Banking System by Timothy Geithner (Obama)

4) Giving Conservative lip-service to Veterans, while liberally deserting them to Homeland unemployment, delaying tactics and denied healthcare for body, mind, soul and families left behind.

5) Asking advice of those who got us into 21st Century Recession educates us on how to do it, but not how to get out of it

Certainly one path to understanding and thus repairing the damage the banking people in our banking system invested in the failure of We the People in our democratic system, is to follow government breadcrumbs from corporate sponsored oil wars, through families weeping for war dead, to Widows & Mothers fighting for health care for society’s wounded.

Not too long ago I did a training video at what was once the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Curious, I explored the shell of the historic relic. Clearly the neglect and decay had begun long before both its August 28, 2011 closure, and the first Veteran’s complaint of a lack of Support our Troops.

It’s one thing to flaunt phony patriotism with phony patriotic ads and misleading organizational names, like American Crossroads and Americans for Prosperity; it’s another thing to be inefficient government by hourly design to avoid seeing patients; but it’s too much like Too Big to Fail, the Sequel to profit from the neglect of maimed, brain damaged or war killed American daughters/sons, sisters/brothers, wives/husbands, who volunteered to serve their country.

My father, a veteran of both WWII & Truman’s Korea Police Action, spent most of his post wars life protecting Veterans, as a supervisor at the Veterans Administration, responsible for daily reviewing the Congressional Record, to insure that Congress did not violate its obligation to America’s Veterans:  To fulfill President Lincoln’s promise “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan” by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s Veterans.

How do you think we’re doing? And beyond a tweet or mouse click petition, what are we going to do about what we think about it?

Consider this:

• Despite Enron, AIG, Bear Stearns and Leman Brothers Suicide rippling into attempted murder of personal economy of working Americans of every political persuasion, haven’t bankers received better treatment and service from our government, than Veterans?

• What if Veterans of war received as much financial assistance as veterans of banking systemic bonuses?

• What if Henry Paulson had been a Catholic like Pope Francis I?

Transcending from Remote & Mouse control into carpool power, let’s drive our message to elitist congress, sanctimonious governors and sidebar DOJ with: while the immoral and unethical abuse by bank people damaging the global economy may not pass the illegal Stress Test, Bank Fraud, though only White Collar Crime, is a crime in America, punishable by law.

UR 66 Grad 68 Vietnam Dead

Join Us: Become one of the reasonable voices heard round the world.


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