So much Talking – So Little Said – So much Mischief, but EPA isn’t dead

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Voter Intimidation 1Steal our vote, you need steal nothing else.  Crush the voter’s will to vote and the country’s your footstool.  Deny the straight and narrow path to the booth Independence declared, and all wars’ dead, surviving veterans and praying mothers are bled, with Freedoms fled.

However, before throwing in the franchise of American voting rights and Middle Class economic opportunity, know this, TV’s Bergdahl/Snowden traitor or hero overkill, Benghazi gotcha spin, Jim Crow reruns and new photo ID laws are all just one thing:  corporatism’s political camouflage to smokescreen memories of national wounds and economic damage done by unregulated Hedge-fund villains, thrill seeking stock short sellers and private prisons’ Wall Street investors.

All financed, so we won’t see growing polling place mischief against senior citizens without current driver’s licenses, or notice undue obstacles hurdled at women and minorities trying to vote in Red States like Ohio and Nevada.

So why the 2014 anti-vote white-collar money blocking Americans from expressing their ballot rights to our all for one and one for all Republic?  Too much Inconsistency!  Too many States against the United States.  Too many secrets.  Too much misinformation.  Like the climate, information is a powerful tool, used by some citizens united to turn up the heat on both messengers and message.

It’s all about votes, bought, sold, or rented to make a point; some freely given, others neglected to death, but our helping voters vote, preserves Lincoln’s union intent preventing democracy annihilation.

Eroding the system is simple, if We the People become the welcoming mat for Behemoth control over state and local elections.  However, attentive voters thinking clearly, in time, will encourage others to save the country from apathy and decline.

Controlling print, radio and TV media transforms hearts and minds, translating news, commercials and political ads into overly consumed propaganda, duping all willing to sell their soul in the game of

  • import/export TPP corporate monopoly;
  • Bottled water sales up with Coal Ash consumption;
  • BP/Halliburton oil spill deaths ignored as collateral for
  • Keystone pipeline flowing black gold through heartland, like
  • Toxic chemical trains rolling by school yards and urban parks.

Challenges, issues, threats, violence, 9/11, wars of choice, western drought, Colorado split, eastern floods, southern hurricanes, Open Carry Texans, Climate Change — it’s all one problem with one solution: the limitless power of every American’s vote.

Too much information crossing our lives with too many lies; whispering gossip now cocked and loaded to bear, giving into domestic spies; spin spinning in our heads; defend Constitution by enabling seniors with current address photo ID to vote freedom from intimidation and dread.

Opting for guns over votes denies our melting world, bubbling over with too many wounded veterans, lost causes and amoral barkers all a swirl.  With so little said so repetitiously, is it any wonder we wander from local news to sit-coms, like aimless zombies, droning, but we paid our dues!?!

Faith & Freedom, privacy & security, all gone, lost somewhere between the stained glass windows and rainbows of NSA snooping dusk to dawn.  When will our faith in God and country preach we’re all just one?  One people, one country, one solution, one vote standing up for us, like David before Goliath, with one act of courage, we save ourselves from demise under corporatism’s bus.

Or shall we conclude with the Right plan for a future failing to include all in the land?  For this, all that’s needed is our yielding to domestic spies failing to help young and old cherish and exercise their voting franchise.

Join Us:  Become one of the Reasonable Voices Heard Round the World.


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