52,000 Children

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Calling a time out from media massage, government spies and corporatism’s marketing secrets and lies.  Let’s free ourselves from daily re-calibration by Border ChildFox, CNN and MSNBC – and think of the children.

Take a break from being framed by those for whom we are merely dollar signs?  Hit our pause and we stop their clock.  Breathe, listen to the children, and rediscover our common decency and sense.

With all the selective superficial information overload swiping past our noses, we deserve some major child within time to re-center, before the perception:  we’re more Walker & Rove than Jack Schlegel and William “Kyle” Carpenter, defines us.

Let’s let go of the mouse and give our brain time to enlighten our mind:

Since 2000 we’ve been pushed off balance, but it’s not so much the sixty-percent of us caught in the middle between twenty-percent empty barrels to our Left and Right extremes.  For a Time Out from screaming, turn off the screamers, to recapture why children run to, not from, America. Could this be confirmation that our best is yet before us?

It’s not We the People trying to live while making a living on the outside of state houses and beltways that are fueling domestic disruption and international terrorism.  It’s we the elected people, fueled by the desperate for status quo Fossil Fuels’ people, pumping us away into divide and conquer states of oil spills.

Why should we fear people whose faith is in inedible cash flow, while living in terror of a gentle breeze empowering American energy?  Why fear people who live in the past, while failing and a little child shall lead them.

It’s not that the 19th century centered, intellectually ill-equipped members of Congress are stupid, or even that all Supremes have Dinosaur brains, like Scalia and Roberts, it’s just that, they are paid to talk that way.

Altering our balance and balance sheets makes us vulnerable to bankers investing in private prisons for minorities, believing that separatism can be institutionalized and then, education, so debt ridden, that ignorance will allow Wall Street the power to turn on and off, our children’s energy resources, to infinity and beyond!

We need a time out from supporting our local political criminals, answering opinion polls without an informed opinion, V. A. management bonuses and Issa IRS losers.

Let Health Insurance Companies fight with Pharmaceuticals over their exorbitant prices, the Drone master respond to ISIS militia and Cheney regurgitate Mushroom Cloud foot in mouth disease.  Isn’t mishandling of CDC Anthrax and Justice Department giving a pass to 22,000 tax dodging one per-centers, enabled by Credit Suisse, enough to swallow with our pizza?

Remember, the target is not only those people living in urban blight.  Financial terrorism is an equal opportunity corporately offered to every man, woman and child, who wittingly or not, has become a partner in the most tremendous Wall Street undertaking to undo our American Dream.

Back, before preferring empire, when Republics like Rome at its most feared and America at its most admired, there were joint ventures between adversaries, applying their combined genius of foresight, ingenuity and creative imagination to build an American arsenal of Democracy, like Olmsted’s Central Park, that no Koch head corporatism could master.

We owe ourselves some time to remember the difference between right & wrong and that love thy neighbor as thyself includes immigrant children.

Make time to think, while our votes still outnumber the galactically stupid and the dollars of the insatiably greedy, whose primary path to victory over us, is redirection to distraction, or worse, apathy for the children.

Join Us:  Become one of the reasonable voices heard round the world.


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