Conviction – Conflict – Struggle – Compromise – Democracy

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Despite all odds, Americans are finding a way forward, discovering their freelance entrepreneur within each other, knowing the traditionally promised 9-Entreperneur5 benefits are gone, we make our own.

Struggle has many faces and is multi-cultural.  Struggle has empowered Justice for All, Freedom of Choice and religious murder.  Struggle can lead to a Freelance Nation or its Feudal System.

As we commemorate the Civil War fallen 150 years later, remember, one hundred years ago conviction for The War to End All Wars, produced a cause and effect World War in response to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, on June 28th 1914 in Sarajevo — when Over There was divided primarily between the Ottoman Empire and Monarchs related in one way or another to England’s Queen Victoria.

The War to End All Wars failed a cease and desist of struggle — vengeance is mine saith me Lloyd George and Tiger, Clemenceau — choosing instead a Hall of Mirrors that reflects still in 2014, the gerrymandering effects of to the victor the spoils.

Power’s inhumanity to those made hopeless is a tie that binds Middle East to our Middle Class.  Investing, not crushing, the consumer gives hope some sense of balance amidst struggle.  Arguably, wealth is determined by starting point and finish line, but dissolve the middle of anything, and top heavy topples on top of employment.

Our problems come not from the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill & Melinda Gates, Starbucks & Chipotle CEOs Howard Schultz and Monty Moran respectfully, or even Warren Buffett, for it is not wealth, but the avaricious love of it that is evil.

The culprit gutting our middle since January 2001, remains self-serving corporate sponsors of regulatory weak self-righteous Conservative government, enabling the 2008 investment bankers induced economic crash while politically obstructing our current financial struggle for a balanced comeback.

Aren’t we weary of hearing all Republicans are crooks and Conservatives, stupid, and leery of claims from Wall Street CEOs, and their political cronies, that raising the minimum wage to $10.10 is dangerous for the economy.

Who at Sachs knows anything about a $10.10 hourly salary?!?

The successful outcome of our multi-leveled struggle for equal economic opportunity, needs to be an outreach union between equal efforts by private enterprise, governments and individuals.

Very best wishes for all receiving microloans from Opportunity International, while I hope Carly Fiorina may yet recall, charity should have begun at home before 2008:  her disconnect from Walmart & Amazon sweatshops; Her limited understanding of what a $10.10 minimum wage can consumer ignite, is mind numbingly predictable and as unoriginal as her twisting the reality of Wall Street induced Main Street struggle into Main Street entrepreneurial responsibility.

Government cannot and should not do it all, but if Wall Street bankers had not abandoned their role as middle man at the sacrifice of the Middle Class, we would not now need to be stimulated by the top levels of private enterprise to enable those of, by and for, they left behind, unemployed.

Struggle can produce uncompromising good and ill:  Mississippi’s 1964 Freedom Democratic Delegation and its 2014 Chris McDaniel Tea Party.

Give the Middle Class the education, the infrastructure and the equal opportunities and they will rebuild the lives of 99% of Americans, before loss of income evolves into loss of hope, resulting in a loss of rational patience and reasonable expectation – where logical response erodes into blood in our streets.

It is most unfortunate that as a people we tend to return to the source of our problems, for our solutions.  We must learn, to learn from their mistakes, and like creative artists, imagine both future castles in the air, and our foundations under them.

Join Us:  Become one of the Reasonable Voices heard round the world.


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