Murrieta: Celebrating Independence with Uncivil War  

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Statue of Libersty & FlagFrom whichever side of the street we do the Murrieta shout, we affirm America the Beautiful to the world, as a nation that values the sanctity of human life or betrays our Founding Fathers, by crushing the hope of children of a lesser God. 

Like people and causes, war comes in all sizes, and is more than deliverer of victory or defeat.  War is aggrandizement through plunder or division humiliation.  As game changer war allows those who declare it to control those who fight it.

What we war for and when; how we war and why; on whom we war and for whom we commit war – as nation, citizen, neighbor, parent, or self-righteous vigilante, our choice of location, target and antagonists defines us.

Celebrating 1812 rockets red glare, true Americans answer the call to lift every voice and sing in harmony our Statue of Liberty’s promise.  Real Americans suffer the little children as the least of these, and give them rest and refuge.  Otherwise narrow Murrieta views might white out the principals for which we’ve fought on buses, in marches, on battlefields and in peace to bring me your tired your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. 

America’s promise is tested for proof beyond parchment words, so we must bare our hearts, open our minds and lift up all souls, in order to qualify as recipients and representatives of the American Dream.

As for those uncompromisingly expressing their First Amendment Rights, at the expense of children, you are a credit to the conservative mindset so fearful of change and evolution.  Every person, hooded or not, who shouted racial slurs at the 1961 Freedom Riders, is beaming with pride as your screams turn away our little brown brothers.  Heaven forbid we should save them from drug lords and sex traffickers.  So hold your heads as high as those who burned down black churches and buried equality in a 1964 Mississippi swamp.

As Americans we can aspire to personify the trinity of The Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution & its Bill of Rights and the Gettysburg Address or declare war for darker reasons, bleeding out for some master race — our legacy, the emptiness of unacceptable unacceptance of fellow human beings.  Protesting against those who cannot defend themselves is the lowest form of war.

There are few good wars, arguably so few we can name them in a moment of peace:

  • Our Revolutionary War for Independence (1775—1783) absolving us from all Allegiance to the British Crown
  • Our Civil War (1860—1865) to preserve our nation indivisible where all could eventually live free 
  • World War Two (1941—1945) to protect the world and ourselves from a maniacal political movement attempting a thousand year Reich, murdering millions because of their religion and heredity
  • To the degree the Afghanistan war leads to the dissemination and destruction of those responsible for our September 11, 2001 devastation, it makes the good war list

However, since most non-Native Americans, living in the fantasy of a fabricated Thanksgiving, are the descendants of immigrants, with various degrees of legality, isn’t it possible that those who have sacrificed so much in wars, did so with an inkling that with each new American comes the possibility of a new birth of freedom?

Honor July 4th by declaring our Independence from an America of Internment camps for Japanese Americans, Wall Street destruction of the Middle Class and wars for corporate profits.

In America’s historical timeline, legally and not, millions came from over there to be over here.  Now, we can help the less fortunate by mutually pledging to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor, or we can shame Old Glory by shouting, not my children, not my problem!

Join Us:  Become one of the reasonable voices heard round the world!


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