People:  Women, Children and Seniors First!

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Detroit Water CorporatismThe Bull isn’t Wall Street’s smoked windows, marbled board rooms or red carpet.  It’s We the People who allow Congressional & Supreme people to allow corporate people to get off with only institutional fines that shareholder people pay.

CEO people continue to shut down lives of women, children and the elderly, through Right peopled state houses like those in Michigan and Kansas, supported by a Base of real welfare frauds, raping America with oil subsidies, carried interest loopholes and induced climate change.

The Corporate puppeteers of governors like Rick Snyder, Sam Brownback and Bill Haslam are banking on the 140 character attention span of Americans under forty and the memory loss of Americans over sixty, to yield corporate victories in conservative wars on women, education, drinking water and the air we breathe.

However, if Hobby Lobby delivers us from religious hypocrisy and reopens our minds to the anti-American character of Citizens United and a gutted Voting Rights Act with enough Supreme cold water in our face to awaken the Coal Ash media numbed, then maybe we can save those in Detroit whose water has been shut off; preserve, protect and defend voting privileges for the elderly, college students and healthcare for women trapped in 19th century states like North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee.

While CDC transports H5N1 bird flu strain and Anthrax over our deteriorating infrastructure, making GM ignitions seem safer traffic hazard and Peter King exaggerates ISIS radioactive threat, unelected Emergency Fiscal Manager Orr needlessly transforms Detroit into a deserted tap water dessert.

What people gerrymander women, children and the elderly?

  • Romney’s We Built That people
  • Obstructing Congress people cutting off necessary social services like Medicaid expansion
  • People who standby silently, device transfixed, allowing it all to happen

And how are 1% people depleting our vision and deleting our willpower?

  • Example of self-sacrifice departing with The Greatest Generation
  • 1960s activist energy waning with time
  • Vietnam & Kent State Four forgotten
  • Ignoring Reagan’s Welfare Queens are really Wall Street CEO Kings
  • iPod exclusively connected disconnecting us from One for All and All for One

Inasmuch as we have done it unto one of the least of these, drip by switch we turn off the lights of our lives and, for women, children, the elderly and minorities, by the click of a mouse, we allow or deny their being succumbed:

  • our boss becomes boss of our body
  • our expired driver’s license replaces Jim Crow
  • our underemployment excuses tanned congressional guy blaming black guy in White House for missing green, water, student loan payments and innocence of children rejected and ejected at Devils Corner
  • our acceptance of coal ash pumped in our water
  • our electing Koch head governors

All as we stand in the shadow of the new anti-Constitutional invention of Koch Industries, EFM laws, enabling conservative governors to preserve status quo of Romney’s 47%.

All the while, Corporatism’s people are syphoning off our elemental essentials.

  • Amway – Doug L. DeVos
  • Bank of America – Brian T. Moynihan
  • BlueCross Blue Shield – Daniel J. Loepp
  • Chrysler – Sergio Marchionne
  • CIGNA – David Cordani
  • Citi-Group – Jamie Dimon
  • Comerica Bank – Ralph W. Babb Jr.
  • DOW (I. G. Farben) – Andrew N. Liveris
  • DTE Energy – Gerard M Anderson
  • Wells Fargo – John G. Stumpf
  • Ford – Mark Fields
  • GM – Mary T. Barra
  • Goldman Sachs – Lloyd Blankfein
  • Koch Industries – Charles/David
  • Nestle – Peter Brabeck-Letmathe
  • Sara Lee – Sean Connolly
  • WellPoint – Joseph R. Swedish

It’s not The Street or the buildings on it.  It’s people who are warring against women, children, college students and the elderly – turning off their water, voting privileges, healthcare and hope.

Let’s We the People turn America back on!

Join Us:  Become one of the reasonable voices heard round the world


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