Lessons from Political Thugs and Corporate Bullies

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I resist finger pointing like hindsight worshippers, but sometimes we fail to see the lesson without some, If Only’s and What IfsSnow Dog Face Mountain small

Forgetting the Soviet Missiles of October 1962 Cuba, when Red Army ground commanders were authorized to launch nuclear missiles at the southeastern third of America, like a hell fire hurricane season, we miss in 2014 Russia that thugs need to prove themselves worthy of more global attention than we give Global Warming.

Hopefully MH17 tragedy will awaken Europe to their Putin financial hypocrisy, as it shames his missile launching minions stealing away, into the dark side in which bullies are inspired.

Indeed there’s enough worldwide liability and culpability to dangerously increase the temperature of the Earth’s surface, but let’s allow the United Nations, to be our torch for truth.  It will not resurrect the 298 lost, but it should resurrect civil demand for global accountability, from all nations:

  • If only the people of Germany and America had made their governments heed the Russian/Ukraine warming warning from the U.S. Commander of NATO In Europe, General Philip Breedlove, as actionable intelligence
  • What if after the loss of flight 370, the ownership/leadership of Malaysian Airlines, out of an abundance of caution, rather than a fuel saving focus, had chosen to not fly 32,000 feet above a war zone
  • If only the eleven dead lesson of a Cheney Halliburton BP Oil disaster, was to question, cease and desist Corporatism’s treasure hunt for East Coast oil and gas
  • What if Benjamin Netanyahu, it’s not Gaza’s Palestinian children, but Hamas Khaled Meshaal; not Iraqi people but ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi; not Nigerian mothers but Boko Haram Leader Abubakar Shekau emulating thugs like Stalin, Putin and the KKK of Corporatism
  • If only ultra conservative gay bashing Evangelical zealots didn’t believe Flight MH17 was God’s revenge on research for Aids cure, as accompaniment to Red State bans on Constitutional marriage equality
  • What if Christian Love included Free Will to honor Mandela, Moon Walk and Elaine Stritch by giving every human being a Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself embrace
  • If Only to our own Climate Change we speak truth, then it must follow, as civil outrage the EFM Detroit water shutoff, we must be true to our Exceptionalism and will not be victimized by any violence inspired Putin, self-appointed anti-children border militia or Koch Industries’ allies
  • What if we can’t wait for Hillary’s hammer, should we not vote Obama a majority in both our Congressional Houses, if only to counter balance the five politicized male Supreme Court Justices
  • If Only We the People stop returning to the sources of our problems for our solutions, but rather learn the correct lessons from behind closed doors ballot manipulations, whether Florida’s 2000 Broward & Palm Beach Counties or 2014 Mississippi Chris McDaniel staff.

Let’s expose myths told by southern Tea Party leadership; the truth of Walmart and Amazon sweatshops; the inevitability of blindsiding Florida with Climate Change denials and a Global Warming Atlantic & Gulf drowning our grandchildren

  • What if the Obamacare political liability for Democrats isn’t the lesson, but rather the mental and physical health dangers to Republicans, whose Red State Governors deny them the benefits of the Affordable Care Act

We can insist on a judicial system blind to gender, race and sexual preferences or we can share the corporate responsibility for the disease, homelessness and contagious health hazards that result from shutting off Detroit water.

We can be solutions for western drought & wildfires, 43 year old NYC father’s police influenced death, or accept liability for what we leave our grandchildren.

It’s our call:  Gov. Rick Snyder Tuesdays 1-3pm, (517) 373-3400 (Michigan), (517) 335-7858 (Constituent Services), (202) 624-5840 (DC), (517) 335-6863 (FAX).

Join us:  Become one of the reasonable voices heard round the world!




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