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Ferguson:  Blood in the Water, Sand and Streets

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Akemi Hands Up Don't ShootHad you had enough of the 24/7 Ferguson TV show? Yes you did.  That’s the eighth deadly sin:  media numbing to apathy.  Worse, believing Ferguson is just a Missouri shame — Ferguson is serial historical murder incorporated, gone viral.

We’ve left the scent of blood in the air for those with economic muscle to further embellish their power over 99.9% of the world.

Unseen power repressing the populace to maintain controlled work force for living large bottom line, and barrel bottom wannabes short-cutting get rich scams are not exceptional:


  • Store Hackers and Hotel Pizza Delivery Credt Card Scams
  • Wisconsin Walker’s Union busting
  • Chinese Jet flyover flipping American airpower
  • Russian Humanitarianism for Ukraine, laced with artillery shells
  • Rubio & Ryan turning away Dreamers
  • ISIS Recruiting with internet beheading, Gaza and American bombs
  • Obama sued on vacation as Rick Perry indicted with WH runs

19 days ago Michael Brown joined the ranks of unarmed black men killed by uniformed white men, using re-gifted power tools to leave blood in our streets.  Giving permission to kill minorities to those with a little power seeking more, recasts the OK Corral mindset.

Hands up:  bang you’re dead — Livestream – for all doomed to relive it in American neighborhoods every day & night — and for those who think it’s their place to keep those people out of our place:  1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Being preoccupied with trying to stay afloat since 2009, we may have been too underemployed and media distracted to notice the troubling evolution of American hypocrisy by moral supremacists.

  • Killing the unarmed hemorrhages our humanity
  • Death by police state emits a residue of decay
  • Corporate desertion scents the air with indifference
  • Open Carry taunts our Constitution

And the perpetrators are as old as Cain, as near as foreign sweat shops fueled by American consumer gluttony and as anti-American as banks dumping pin pricked fines onto shareholder families.

But there is no gift more devastating to the state of the union, than a government reluctant to use the long arm of the law to make Wall Street speak truth to Main Street People power.

Allowing federal legislators and jurists to revitalize civil inequities, we can only expect good people of Fergusons all across the nation to rise up and take back the dignity, respect and bank balances that have been stolen from them.

If together we choose to reverse Citizens United by ballot, overruling Supremes with Constitutional Amendment;

If Ferguson chooses to turn the other cheek and love thy neighbor as thyself, while running for political office to replace the preservers of segregation;

If urban centers arrest deportation of the innocent and desertion by Wall Street traitors to private islands, instead of relocation camps, we will be spared more blood in our city streets.

The truth is, we can no longer afford to deny our country the cultural wealth of experiences, knowledge and talent of Female Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans Hispanic-Americans and Native-Americans.

Thus, United We Stand, we discover our power is in

  • Educating children and young adults for free
  • Cancelling Citizens United
  • Circumventing Climate Change
  • Curing Cancer
  • Elevating equal pay for women and equal opportunity for all
  • Eradicating Voter ID Jim Crow
  • Maximizing minimum wage
  • Providing infrastructure that better withstands earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados and terrorists
  • Restoration of Rights
  • Restraining political redistricting

Then we might make an impact on the international perception that the promise of our Stature of Liberty is, For Whites Only.

However, for those who just can’t find the power to be color blind — elect a white person in 2016 — just be certain, it’s a woman.

Darren Wilson is innocent until proven guilty, but we must vote believing, so was the black man, named Brown.

Join Us:  Become one of the reasonable voices heard round the world


Ferguson Life and Mental Health Death

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Ferguson Military PoliceIs Ferguson’s state of emergency:  militarized police brutality, government racial imbalance, street arms raised unity and looting inspired curfew, an America reminiscent of 1861, a GHW Bush prediction, “if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us, or a Robin Williams cry for help?

One thing is clear, whether Colorado Open Carry, Internet mouse clicked petitions or prosecuting Governors, Americans have been awakened!

Assaulting First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble in protest, didn’t begin with policeman Darren Wilson shooting unarmed robbery suspect, Michael Brown, multiple times.

It began with

  • Attorney General John Ashcroft’s administrative degree to quarantine dissent, which then standardized designated protest areas as our new First Amendment M. O.
  • President GW Bush’s political events banning and arresting those peacefully wearing anti-Bush T-Shirts
  • Our Pentagon buying surplus war weaponry from those who profit from our being at war, and then giving the surplus munitions to police departments all over America
  • DWB – FWA – SWB – and Trayvon Martin’s crime: WWB
  • Assassinating Kennedy, King and Bobby
  • An Uniformed Oakland California thug pepper spraying sitting peaceful demonstrators
  • People being left to die in New Orleans after Katrina
  • Michael Brown’s body left in the street for hours

Indiscriminately death casts a tall shadow, so our lives are our weapons for listening, advocating, voting, learning and sharing:  the systemic stigmatizing of those deemed different is as old and prescient as

  • Salem and McCarthy witch hunts;
  • war on women history: no voting rights, being institutionalized for enjoying sex with their husbands, having three states block ERA ratification
  • Veterans dying waiting for healthcare
  • the cataclysmic void in our treatment and understanding of Depression – in 2014, deserting those with Mental Health issues, to the life of a 19th century outcast

Any death diminishes us, especially if unable to extrapolate Mental Health issues, and Ferguson, to all of America.  Either we are the prime-time stereotypes and redundant news media cutouts, or we are who we love and emulate; what we vote for and fight against – we are our brothers’ keeper or not my problem.

However death comes:  Lauren Bacall & Charles Keating, a NYC choke-hold or Ohio shot for being black, a war weary Anne Sexton, Seymour Hoffman and Robin Williams – it guts our six degrees of separation.

I worked with Charles Keating on Another World, but the closest I got to Robin Williams was his co-stars:  literally bumping into Nathan Lane in NYC one night, after his brilliance in The Producers, and chatting on the set of Lincoln with Sally Field – yet losing him feels too akin to my losing those who changed my life:  Francis Hughes, PhD, Father Gilbert Hartke and iconic actress, Mercedes McCambridge.  Mercedes & Oscar

I knew the addiction Mercedes was successfully resisting, before her son, John Lawrence Fifield, killed himself after murdering his wife and two daughters.

Her understandable withdrawal and retreat taught me:

  • Stigmatizing Mental Illness and our ignorance of Depression, Schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s are as deadly as a militarized police state.
  • Ferguson is America in miniature, from which we can learn to honestly live together as equals, or continue Supreme Court building a house divided against itself.
  • Not all battles are civil wars between Christians and non, rich and poor, white and black, but increasingly, too many are.

Revelation:  conservative top 1%, your armed biased law enforcement & private prisons — despite Koch-head billions and clichéd regurgitation of propped up puppets still not prosecuted for their 2008 Wall Street economic devastation on the world, people power re-elected a black looking chess player for President…

Consumer voting will reverse Citizens United, ravage corporatism’s bottom line and finally end our Civil War — Promise!

Join Us:  Become one of the reasonable voices heard round the world.