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  • New York City, Washington DC, Stonycreek Township: Americans on aviation fueled missiles, doomed to crash into World Trade Center, Pentagon and a Somerset County Pennsylvania field, like Malaysian Flight 17’s 298, no survivors
  • We follow the leaders who murder, following killers emulating torturers and inhumane zealots like Putin, the Klu Klux Klan and ski masked self-proclaimed militia terrorizing terrorized children on our southern borders
  • Children, asking to be saved from black site types, who use bullhorns, flyovers, Detroit water shutoffs, Drones and deadly Abortion clinic harassment as if a master race
  • Political puppets and preaching media proclaim, Open Carry, will grace us with The Rapture of trickle down freedom, equality of opportunity, 72 virgins as family value for mushroom clouding sons and daughters in peace for war — then police state choke hold death and toxic Great Lakes
  • Claiming we foresee nothing tragic, or in common with agenda of G. Gordon Liddy, David Addington, Condoleezza Rice, Alberto Gonzales, Darrell Issa, Ted Cruz, John Boehner or those who managed to slip back into the shadows, with a wink and a nod from blind justice, we da Capo historical German chorus refrain, we didn’t know
  • Following on the screen size of our choice, we re-elect the perpetratorsGOP Chairmen 113th

The combo of Putin, Koch Brothers and Gitmo was in our American psyche long before their headlines.  As for obnoxious brothers greed, David and Charles, they may yet overshadow the international damage and Bay of Pigs disaster of the brothers Dullas – John Foster @State and Allen @CIA. Maybe Guantanamo is worse than Quantico, but we’ll never know, even if it never dwarfs the outsourced torture of CIA Black Sites all over the world:  Rendition.

Perhaps it’s time to accept the possibility that Reagan’s, Government is the problem, better defines Governors, Members of Congress, Supremes of injustice and White House occupants after January 19, 1981.

Most great, as in powerful, nations/civilizations/empires, peak at two hundred years.  Despite two world wars, four assassinated presidents, a tragic merger between Wall Street Banks & Bush/Cheney Administration and corrupt Governors addicted to Koch tips, to deny their constituents:  safe water, affordable healthcare, protection from police protection and equal representation, we managed to exceed the historic two century decline starting line, by twenty-five years.

Nonetheless, at the age of 225, demise was set in motion:  January 20, 2001  —  And now in 2014 we have:

*   A former Virginia first family on trial for corruption, defending itself with, Mitt Romney and Ken Cuccinelli did it, so how could it be illegalMcDonells on Trial

  • A sitting governor &/or his team who blocked a bridge essential to millions, still considered presidential.
  • A Hobby Lobby Citizens United 5-4 Supreme Court
  • A politicized IRS
  • A Congress, even worse than misrepresenting Phoenix V. A. bonus seekers, perfecting sustainability of doing nothing, vacations from three day work week, deserting Veterans, while hailing, Support Our Troops
  • A War on Women expanded to include childrenWar on Children


  • Are we going to continue to be dominated by The Street that used September 11, 2001 as an opportunity to recreate a feudal system to bleed America while deserting it for greener pastures?
  • Shall we elect a Congress that is more interested in serving those who’ve served, and protecting our Infrastructure from electromagnetic pulse weapons, than suing a President before they, get out of Dodge?
  • Can Russian insider, Snowden, explain, if a President can sanction Russian Banks, why not Wall Street Banks?

Unless we yield to temptation of Corporatism’s get ‘um fatter, lazier and ever more dummied down, we’re more than what we eat and drink.  We are what we think & say; what we desire, deny, ignore;  what we applaud & jeer. We are who we elect, especially when electing not to vote, All for One and One for All.

Join Us:  Become one of the Reasonable Voices heard round the world!


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