Mr. No Strategy President, Really!?!

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White House Press RoomWho was that tanned man in the tan suit attempting to reign in non-investigative pale-faced press, hell bent on colossally multiplying public hysteria, to terrify TV gossip addicts into thinking the second coming of a President rushing to preemptive war, with no exit strategy, was at hand?

It’s tragic when media turns a vital to our nation’s health and survival story, into a circus obscuring family loss, need for both social and militarizing police rethinking, and an as yet un-arrested perpetrator, into movie-of-the-week misdirection — but when social media leads cyberspace in the tan suit with no strategy chatter, then our intellectual power to perceive some degree of rational discernment in applying military power, has been twisted all atwitter, stumbling into FB talking heads.

Haven’t we had enough of grab the buzz-word headline and fast tracking a deeper ditch in which to bury, just the facts ma’am?

Yes, Obama is more JFK than, I looked Putin in the eye GW Bush, and if we could just broaden our perception of who gets to golf and who caddy, we might just survive Koch heads, Fox News, Congressional Conservatives, and thus avoid blowing up the world.

If White House press corps really didn’t understand that, in his judgment, President Obama hadn’t yet received enough input to make a final decision about expanding fire from the heavens foreign policy on Syria, then the point that our education system is terribly lacking in providing basic skills, is proven.

We live in an America where

  • Americans are quite literally harassed to death, by tactics more police state than Serve and Protect; where police kill a man buying a Walmart BB gun because of skin color — Free at Last – What’s next Asian wives buying knife block sets in Bed, Bath and Beyond? Guess Open Carry is For Whites Only.
  • sexual preference can get you wrapped in barbed wire and Free Will doesn’t mean free to marry whomever you choose
  • Not having a penis means you’re free to get paid less than penises like New York’s Peter King
  • Parents intimidate busloads of fieldtrip children while attempting to prohibit the vulnerable and innocent from entering The Land of the Free 
  • A Supreme Court tips the scale of justice out of balance in what Founding Fathers created as equalizer: free elections
  • A family must grieve a loved one killed by a gunshot to the head, because adults, he, a mother, a father and a gun range owner thought it was okay for an eight year old to be given the feel of squeezing off an Uzi – a feeling from which she will never be free

Have we forgotten, we’re either a part of the solution or we erode from within from self-inflicted inequality of opportunity, inadequate education and a justice system corrupted by corporatism, hypocrisy and cash?

If not after intentionally dumping Coal Ash in North Carolina bathing water and Coal chemicals in West Virginia drinking water, while non-elected official is empowered to shutoff Detroit water;

If not after Sandy Hook and Christie’s miss-direction of Sandy funds;

If not after flown over Katrina victims left to die in the streets;

If not after political redistricting to redden states because billionaires failed to defeat 2012 voters – while Republican Governors are increasingly expanding Obamacare’s Medicaid;

If not after Supreme Five, acting as if Eden principal, bestowed personhood on Wall Street Corporations…can we at least admit the truth about Thanksgiving, Wounded Knee and that our Civil War never ended?

If not in 2014, when exactly will we, the 49.95% tan blockers and 49.95% tan amenable, honor our hallowed common ground, by again embracing the equality of Independence:  a strategy of  United We Stand!

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