Turning Point? 

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War Torn WorldI wasn’t one of those cheering when Nixon resigned in August 1974, nor did I applaud Virginia’s conviction of former Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen.  Such history is not for celebration, but rather a call to action, especially for those who consistently sit on the sidelines, waiting, or worse, preferring The Simpsons to graduating from cheerleader to team leader with activists who advocate dignity for all Americans:

  • equality of opportunity,
  • equal rights and pay for women,
  • Constitutional Amendment reversing Citizens United Decision
  • Obamacare reality check by Republican Governors, and a national recognition of the need for improved mental healthcare, especially for Veterans.

In August-September 2014, man’s inhumanity to man finally took a hit…..but it’s only the beginning:

  • The Department of Justice is investigating how the nation’s police forces truly, Serve and Protect some Americans
  • Before a peer jury, the FBI brought to trial, a sleek, smooth talking, family values hypocrite, found guilty as charged – a Turning Point, warning to a) revolving door from Congress to Moelis & Co Wall Street Banker Eric Cantor; b) insult to American intelligence, Virginia Assemblyman Thomas K. Normant Jr; c) governors Scott Walker and the Dicks: Rick Snyder, Rick Perry, Rick Scott – and, BP’s partner in crime, Halliburton’s own Dick Cheney?
  • BP found greedily reckless in the death of eleven people and three months of destruction of our Gulf coast — the ramifications of which, like Wolfowitz’s oil wars, we’ll pay for, longer than residency of Virginia’s McDonnells in minimum security
  • The Presidential ISIL Freudian slip, Degrade and Destroy.
  • Conditional Ukraine cease fire — should League of Arab States and NATO unite against ISIL, Putin doesn’t want to be next on the iced list.

It isn’t necessary to admonish ourselves for being imperfect, provided we’re not claiming to be, nor failing to try – as vision, for most of us, is less narrow than Foreign Affairs Chair, Ed Royce (R-CA) and more insightfully nuanced than dangerously simplistic Tea Party and Phil Robertson, but when…

  • Fast Food employees must demonstrate in the street to get an $8.50 hourly wage raised
  • convicted wealthy and poor serve time in very different prison conditions
  • 5-4 Supreme Court allows those who stole our economic productivity to steal our electoral process
  • an unelected city official’s solution is to selectively turn off water, selects to sell off Art
  • government fines financial institutions instead of indicting individual persons who deliberately dumped us into The Great Recession, while we blame the tan guy in the tan suit, instead of investigating credit card oil wars and UC Berkeley Endowed Faculty Chair, John Yoo and GW Bush, who twisted our laws to suit their less than Constitutional agenda

We still have some work to do before calling ourselves The Land of the Free.

When short attention span turns into consumer walk outs, informing management, and police, when American citizens fear for the life of their back-to-school shopping children and family dinner out, because other Americans impose their idea of freedom with Open Carry, we’ve forgotten freedom isn’t having the right to yell fire in a packed theater. 

Imagine the police response if in Washington, DC on September 12-13, non-white Americans decided to distort the Second Amendment with Open Carry. 

Nonetheless, Turning Point signs abound:  Cuba and America prove direct communications make for international ensemble and Kansas Republicans give Koch puppet Sam Brownback a, this far and no further.

To suffer no fools, we need to own the genesis of our financial and moral struggle:  Guantanamo torture and an unrestrained felonious political and ravenous Wall Street marriage for profit.

Reclaiming our electoral process from Citizens United is the needed Turning Point from September 2001—September 2008, you in?

Join Us:  Become one of the reasonable voices heard round the world


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