Pulling Election Rabbits out of our Voting Hat

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Headlined to H3 9/22/14 on OpEdNews.com

Mad HatterFor centuries people, like pre-converted Constantine, Treaty of Versailles opportunist Adolf and oil stained Mushroom Cloud gang have used our fear to so stress us that our brain’s command center – its higher cognitive function – shuts down faster than Mitch Mad Hatter McConnell shuts down our government at a tea party.

Fear turns rational neighbors into irrational mobs, often swinging a country off balance in a Right-Wing direction – the very nemesis of what’s good for any country.

However, despite our 5-4 Supreme Court and vacation focused Congress, We the People can rise above our best ever, knowing, it’s not the Koch cross we bear, but how well we carry on, while bearing it to its burial place under an avalanche of raised minimum wages, equal pay for equal work and humanitarian votes.

To be successful in war and peace, we need the rational judgment of a brain not dominated by fear mongers.   Our National Voter Registration Day, September 23, 2014 and November 4, 2014 Election Day are comeback chances for Constitutional reason overcoming the Police State of Our Union.

Voting is the way we fight for an America:  truly free from the mockery of self-serving conservative Wall Street corporatism, totally honest with itself about Wolfowitz oil wars and Cheney Guantanamo Torture chambers and their contribution to our economic toll, military toil and double crossing election officials – and the true patriotic path to humanity toward each other.

In the voting war for America’s survival, expect daily battles between:  those who profit from the sale of war & those who die in them; The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) vs. Equal Economic Opportunity for all; Those who expected an easier retirement vs. those who’ve always had it easy; those for all Americans enjoying an environmentally safe world and those who don’t give a damn about clean water, diminishing food supply or quality of life on earth.

Armed with facts, voters transform us from NRA neo-cons and NSA Twitter characters to informed citizens engaged in protecting our children and elections, from those fearing the humanity of those who outnumber their inhumanity.  Educated voting instructs Wall Street moguls that our children no longer fight to uphold dictates of Koch government cronies.

There can be no bragging rights for stewardship of the earth without caring for all that lives upon it — and for pretenders who rape the environment, let us focus heart, mind and vote on global healthcare, being cognitively aware that the Enteroviruses epidemic attacking American Children especially those with Asthma, with what seems, at first a bad cold, and Ebola attacking West African children, are but the tip of an ignored iceberg — while corporatism’s Pentagon militarizes our police, infiltrates our elections with unreasonable Photo ID Laws and erodes this truth:  Even when a hanging offense, our Founding Fathers, proclaimed all of America, a Free Speech Zone, minus Open Carry.

Are we to be a nation that permits spousal abuse if offenders score high enough or are we to win the game of life by demanding equality and justice for both the male and female of the species?

Do we choose to be Koch ramrodded by Kris Kobach and Sam Brownback, or shall we stand with Kansas citizens expected to vote, Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further?

Shall we interpret law through the eyes of Bob McCulloch and minorities through the sights of Darren Wilson or shall we vote:  all Americans are created equal?

Eighteen year old Hannah Graham is one of five young women abducted in Central Virginia in the last five years.  When will we vote to hold accountable those who degrade women and children, and destroy community communion?

Join Us:  Become one of the reasonable voices heard round the world


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