The Love Canal Connecting Our Roots

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Recovering the loss from a failure to seek both halves of our whole is not solved by increasing connecting apps, but by a reverence for our connected roots.  For like trees to sun and soil, we ourselves are the DSCN7464conduit for both life and death, having, with each new dawn, the potential of being a love canal for affordable healthcare, environmental respect and harmonious peace.

What America may become after the victory of revolution, the pain of discrimination, the fear of change and the apathy toward whipping posts, spousal abuse and Guantanamo torture, will be found in the countenance of our choices:  racial equality or perpetual war, a justice for all future or recurring trails of tears, reaping the Ferguson whirlwinds of slave ships or Thank God Almighty, We’re Free at Last.

The discrimination of foreign and domestic extremists whose interpretative distortion of legal documents and iconic holy books is not in God, but in our hypocrisy.

The failure of European and American politicians to grasp significance of sectarian religious anger is not in our stars, but in our lack of historical wisdom.

The persecution, enslavement or torture of any people whether African-American, Native American, Kurdish or Yazidi, is not in our constitution but in our failure to the Constitution.

The deficiency of our empathetic connectivity, is not in our devices, but in our need for instant consumer gratification.

And the harbor of our lack of humanity is not Middle Eastern mountain tops, but in the hidden valleys of our short term memories.

Whether calculating from Eden, Abraham or The Little BigHorn, even prehistoric Lucy stands in the shadow of half and half ancestor:  three million year old Ape Man.

While all life on earth is one village too neglected, neither life nor global issues are solved by oversimplification.  Thus, neither should our students, educators or beliefs be formed by only one POV.  Indeed, whether North or Southern sympathizer, enslaved or Reich Master Race, we were all connected even before NSA wiretapping.

Whether espousing Exceptionalism, seeking military superiority or disinfecting our elections from Supreme Koch head Citizens United, we’ll need to read more than 140 characters to resurrect from the chaotic disconnect in the wake of a president who couldn’t chew a pretzel and drink beer at the same time he was making the world safe for Oil environmental polluters.

Smart devices and TV remotes need replace Monday morning quarterbacking with in depth research and objective investigative reporting — and those insisting America’s a Shining City on a Hill need recall, its beacon light is a guide to equality and freedom for all.  Then, cease and desist referring to our tanner half as Welfare Queens, peacefully dismantle the terrorism of our militarized police state and end private prisons for profit over population achieved by Stop and Frisk and Driving While Black.

After enslavement economy & Wall Street meltdown, war profiteering fear mongering and the violence of hate crimes against Native Americans, women, minorities and children, we may still recover the loss of their human resources, by not choosing the self-righteous, but rather the Do the Right Thing, love canal.

Make 2014 elections hold this truth to be self-evident:  whether we trace our roots to Jesus or Mohammed, Andrew Indian Removal Act Jackson or Chief Little John Ross, Lincoln or Booth, Teddy Roosevelt or Booker T. Washington, The anti-Fossil Fuels Rockefeller Brothers Fund or Halliburton’s BP, attention must be paid to solutions for:

  • Depletion of our planet’s natural resources,
  • Ebola
  • Abduction, Rape, Murder
  • Spousal abuse
  • Raising minimum wage
  • Ratification of ERA
  • Gender income equality

Then, perhaps, we won’t need February as asterisk to nationally advance the beneficence of a Jeter, Holder or Obama.

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