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Americans are often charged with, accused of and even begged to be both first in war and first in peace…..but first in panic?Voter ID Please

For any American hospital to release a patient with a 103 temperature regardless of his travel itinerary, offends the Hippocratic Oath to first do no harm; Health officials trapping his family in squalor of infectious materials, inhumane; failing to protect their healthcare staff, prophetic?

We are what we complacently allow Corporate America and governments to finance for power while we wink and nod to a device.

We’re either with a sixty year old Indian Hindu human rights activist for children or, silent partner to gearing condemnation for a Lower Manhattan Islamic Community Center.

We either embrace education equality like a seventeen year old Islamic Pakistani girl, or we inflict children, crawling through Texas border mud to ask the Statue of Liberty to keep her word, with mob rule.

We either drool over having a police state with the power to snatch life, and water, from minorities, or we rise up and walk, hands and heads held high in peaceful protest heard round the world.

We can have faith in karmic raises or we can demand equal pay for women and a $10.10 minimum wage.

When did we become so pessimistic that we can’t stand up to corporatism’s supreme damnation, while moving forward to the horizons of science, math and creative artists that reveal the way, the truth and the light of verifiable facts?

Like Kansas Republicans against Koch head Sam Brownback, Kentucky coal miners need to know their enemy.  It’s not a corporate compromised EPA, nor a president preaching the myth of clean coal, but coal companies, like Murray Energy that have deserted mining families, for greener pastures.

Either we can distinguish between the Americanized fiction of Argo and the filmic genius of Lincoln, or be seduced by Bill Maher’s irrelevance, except for New Rules, and succumb to the Motherload of Sam Harris’ bad ideas.

Either way, polls dupe with the meaningless question, is the country headed in the right direction; as did an October NPR call-in, insisting panel use Democrat, not Democratic, because we are a Democracy.  Truth is, we are a Republic, because our Founding Fathers feared the judgment of miss-informed mobs.

There are only two directional choices:  forward or the hellish reversal of fortune of pro-lifer Todd Kincannon — shooting those who might have Ebola.  Why stop at Ebola symptoms?  Why not those who protest rigged voting machines, or all those people who resemble Obama more than our $20 bill memorialized Indian killer?

Even after Michael Brown lay dead on a Ferguson street in a Darren Wilson produced pool of blood, Thomas Eric Duncan was ignored to death, in part, because Koch financed Conservatives, like Rick Perry, have neither the intellectual wherewithal nor humanity to allow American citizens the benefits of affordable healthcare.

Panic blinds us to private prison profiteering, fixed voting machines, Corporatism increasing and multiplying through war — marching us backwards into Koch disguised Jim Crow, trial by militarized police – while giving Enterovirus D68 and Flu the edge.

We can recognize, the true descendants of America’s original minute men militia, are our National and Coast Guards or, we can disfigure the Second Amendment, distort freedom of speech into Wall Street cash and defile the American voting privilege, even to former felons, with targeted Voter ID laws.

As The Secret Service is charged with protecting our President, We the People are charged with protecting America by voting, even if needing CDC to soothe the savage breast with a superficial show of another airport layer of protection.

Why panic?  Can we not still slay the dragons of ignorance, fearful greed, dereliction complacency, hateful pride, self-righteous arrogance, racial discrimination, Same Sex marriage bans and yes, Citizens United elections?

As religion is overused excuse for war, rape and murder, loving God and Country, is insufficient without loving thy neighbor as thyself.

Voting, and helping seniors and first timers to do so, is America’s best direction.


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