State of our Union:  Racism, Rape Yes; Immigration Reform, Hell No!?! Headlined 11/24/14

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Generations after generations embrace, succumb to or master their own weapons of mass destruction, so powerfully hash tagged, we self-distract with Instagram:  from ears ringing out the cries of gunshots’ victims; our wisdom defused by selective sight clouded by summer and tear gas smoke — so rigorous in our southern border tastes, we’re inflamed, fearing losing something we never wanted.

Hyperlinking hot air rhetoric with blustering inaction, dishonoring both past and future, without shame Conservatives steep our national integrity into the depressed state of our union, while blaming The Help for the stench of our Golden Rule in rigor mortis.

Ask victims not perpetrators: CIW Tomatoes

  • Amnesty: ask your undocumented lawn’s keeper
  • Pride: ask those who clean our toilets for minimum wage
  • Human Rights: ask migrant farmworkers
  • Self-esteem: ask women paid less than men for the same work
  • Financial stability: ask students overwhelmed by banks
  • Life: ask those found guilty of neighborhood
  • Net neutrality, ask parents of children dead by Bullicide

Do we really believe it’s the accident of birth that guarantees the least of these our brethren the indignities of discrimination, bullying, rape and murder by a racist police state – drugged and beaten by household names – alcohol induced rape by fellow students?

Whomever the perpetrator, the targets are the same, and as purposely chosen, as those who were dangled by bad mortgages and diddled by banker selective bankruptcy credit score reporting.

When Home of the Brave citizens disintegrate from culture of character to culture of stonewalling our little brown brothers from having work we wouldn’t dare stoop to conquer, our Congress reflects hypocrisy of Corporatism stamped Wall Street Conservatives.

American power is diminished when Americans turn away from those traumatized by poverty, bullying, unjust imprisonment, rape and racial discrimination.

Sadly it’s too late to ask the amazingly talented gift to America, immigrant Mike Nichols, but immigrants still work all around us, trying as we, to support families, but unlike most of us, doing so by harvesting the food we eat and cleaning up after we eat it.

As rite of passage, each nationality reaching our shores was prejudiced against by the immigrants who came before, yet each shared in our history Pearl Harbor, Cuban Missile Crisis, 9/11, Katrina, Boston bombing, but since the Reagan administration, Conservatives like Koch brothers, BP and Jim DeMint’s Heritage Foundation have been allowed to turn us into sitcom characters with mind numbing truth twisting TV ads – until we glaze over like holiday turkeys.

We remember November 22, 1963 as the day President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated, but ignore June 11, 1963, the day he proposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to the 88th Congress.

Can we not now insist the 113th or 114th Congress pass an Immigration Reform bill as a moral human rights issue, rather than their vacation political football?

Let’s turn our back on Boehner hypocrisy and one term president anti-American Mitch McConnell rhetoric, and step up for families forced into hiding and women forced to endure the trauma of rape in silence.

Let us free ourselves from imprisoning people guilty only of their skin color, and resuscitate our Ellis Island promise.

Let us salute the patriotism of a US Marine Corp Captain Derick Herrera, rather than preserving the 19th century prejudice of Conservative Mo Brooks.

Let us be courageous enough to share the Home of the Brave, rather than cheer a House of Representatives that divides us.

Let us give thanks to Native Americans giving us our first Thanksgiving, rather than deny races racing to contribute to our Land of the Free melting pot.

Let our Free Will keep Lady Liberty’s torch alive, rather than branding ourselves, the great white hope.

Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government are charged with being the humane and equitable voice protecting the Republic, especially perhaps, from extremists abusing democracy by victimizing the vanquished.

We keep our humanity safe by saving each other, or following Cain, we live the murderous consequences of Conservatism.


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