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Not All American Lives Matter

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Jefferson Shadows & RotundaLet our 2015 preproduction caucus of the few selected, begin anew to cast beyond those we got elected, guaranteeing no first brother of the nation twice ensconced in 1600 will ever again be resurrected.

We are the fog of Foggy Bottom, the bonus protection from DOJ shareholder paid fines – the ones who keep you in the long blue lines, for our freedom to commit Wall Street crimes.

We few, we greedy few puppeteering the asses, from our shadowy passes, now call our New Year lows to order, to keep disorder among the masses.

With each prelaunch of annual potential, we sync our stopwatches, knowing we are the simmering pot the watchers neglect to watch — now to concoct a new low plot.

Tis the season for taking victory laps for vow of media silence in post Ferguson protest coverage, and the populace proudly imposing North Korea into umbrage.

While it may be patriotic to stand your ground for laughably bad acting, you’ve tipped the bottom line to the tune of the tiptop one percent, which is America sacking.

Under our thumb you will ever succumb, beyond year end reviews of goody two shoes all aplomb, it’s you who permit us to make America dumb.

Controlling non-news media trolling with conniving ads and talking heads, we keep the hordes focused on the Feds, while we in the wings prep the world stage, heaping financial reward on puppets playing the role of saving sage.

Still secure without need for bail, our stolen cache chiseled in too big to jail, we split the races violently, trusting rented Congress to behead your Social Security.

Matters not that you know, it’s our playing field and show in which both puppet and puppet master race for dough.

Whipping Middle Class to Right deluded, keeping mere millionaires delusional, we swarm for trickledown, shootings and patriotic funeral — denying any image of your own, save that which we, on The Street, condone.

Whether Fascism in Michigan Courts or 5-4 Citizens United ammunition, we few Dark Side shadows fuel Koch condescension.

We stroke the minions with holiday sales, puppy dog tails and whimsical gasoline prices, but it’s our money power that separates Blue & Red by Black & White, which Corporatism slices and dices.

Thanksgiving shoving aside, replacing peace on earth with manic shopping, ever wonder what you’d receive if instead of credit card deal flip flopping, you’d share the wisdom of knowing, it’s we at the top who determine direction you’re going?

Remotely granting instant gratification is our key, to keeping the roulette media ball spinning its cliché chorus in circles repeatedly.

We few direct your culling the brown and black tanned, limiting our exposure throughout the land, for without transparent light we can continue manufacturing your rage to solidify our might.

Troublesome though it is to see police giving gifts in Lowell and throughout the nation, we’ll erase the image with news cycle of police assassination, rendering Don’t Tread on Me and Multi-cultural celebration into mutual confrontation.

As conduit of misinformation and Middle Class elimination, in disproportion we imprison African-Americans but limit gerrymandering prosecution.

Ignoring laws designed to environment and equitable pay save, we bury poorer neighborhoods and minimum wage in early grave.

As long as banners of Blue Lives and Black Lives Matter wave in opposition, murder is murder regardless of color of shooter or victim, will never gain a We the People united position.

We oppose Pope, Santa and Herstory in White House press conference, and though “it was a mistake” was no presidential SONY dissonance, with a twist of public opinion we’ll blacklist all Progressive preference.

You see, on our balance sheets, lives matter only on some American streets.Too Big To Fail

Sweet Land of Liberty, CRomnibus and Torture I sing!  Headlined Tuesday 12/16 by

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TRV Human BeingAmerica is a nation of extremes, but with inconsistent tolerance for extremists and no dependable majority foundation for those who diminish us with torture, corrupt our sense of balance with an inequitable cluster of bullets, or overdose our electoral process with Supreme financial steroids.

As friends and family gather together to ask the Lord’s blessings on rushed buying and exchanging, during multi-cultural Season’s Greetings for holidays intersecting in monetary nod to peace on earth detour, remember those gifts stolen by man’s inhumanity to twenty elementary school sons and daughters and their six self-sacrificing guardian teachers.

Give the gift of heroes who on 9/11, rushed to save, as did Tarrant Police Officer William Stacey, hearing a voice crying out in the wilderness, I need to put food in my baby’s stomach.


Whether CIA agent or submarine shower spy, self-serving foot dragging politician or activists calling to action; Wall Street greed or Main Street need, we must honor what is honorable, and purge, cleanse and purify ourselves by holding the dishonorable accountable.

Whether battlefield military or ballot box civilian, we mustn’t link to Nazi excuse, We Didn’t Know, for lying to ourselves, we collaborate with traitors betraying our national soul.

Whether we call it enhanced interrogation or not, what it did or didn’t procure can never justify.  Torture for any reason is repugnant international behavior that defines a nation and its people, and those who order it, are as much bottom feeders as those who behead the innocent.

On 12/13/14 tens of thousands of the American rainbow demonstrated the exceptionalism of our U. S. Constitution, while proving the power of peaceful protest against the puppeteers who use Romney’s 47%, to turn their vote against themselves; against what Founding Fathers launched, Lincoln preserved, against what The Greatest Generation fought for, and for which King and Kennedys died:  #Justice4All.

Wars are rarely the best choice, and worst, when the first choice of those who don’t have to fight them. Afghanistan War against 9/11 attackers was a war on terror.

The preemptive attack on Iraq, torture at Guantanamo and all our youth who returned brain damaged, maimed or didn’t come back at all, were acts of terror by our own government — and there was no honor in it.

The ironic truth is that the names of our torturers are as representative of America’s cultural diversity as the thousands peacefully protesting torture by sexual abuse, racism, gender inequality, and gun violence – truly, America is a melting-pot of extremes.


  • If you think your vote in reaction to oral sex in the Oval was worth the lives lost in the Bush/Cheney/Wolfowitz invasion into a country that had nothing to do with 9/11
  • If you still think the Mushroom Cloud gang of GW Bush, Dick Cheney, George Tenet, John Yoo, Donald Rumsfeld, David Addington, Jay Bybee, John Rizzo, Bruce Jessen, James Mitchell, Alberto Gonzales, Condoleezza Rice, Cofer Black, and Jose Rodriguez served well any Americans but themselves
  • If, like General Michael Hayden, you think it’s acceptable that we knowingly held twenty-six innocent people in Guantanamo for months

Then you are among those duped by the billionaires who purchased our 114th Congress, with your 2014 vote, to erode Dodd Frank Act, and thus ensconce a Too Big to Jail security blanket for Wall Street corporate criminals, at the expense of our national stability, international reputation and individual dignity. 

The real terror comes from those who think torture is a Patriot Act, and from those who vote for them. 

Follow the money.  Speak truth to power.  Join those whose voice will no longer be muted – and make them hear you!