I’m Not Charlie but Viva La France, Ferguson and Selma!

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World history is evidence that violent radicalized religion has in the name of God, repeatedly entrapped humanity on a planet of militarized borders – potentially cast now with a host of vigilante characters – this time with an inside job, a Crusades reversal, using biting satiric cartoons as excuse for eye for an eye cyclical soft target murder. Je Suis Charlie

Discarding vengeance is mine said the Lord, in favor of, they send one of yours to the hospitalyou send two of theirs to the morgue, and Gandhi admonition is self-realized:  a world of toothless blind zealots abolishing, love thy neighbor as thyself.

I am a creative artist who sometimes pens political satire for in your face wakeup call directed at those who refuse to see the error of our ways is, in the heroes we choose to worship.

However, whether for profit, notoriety or the pleasure of making a salient point, there is little justification for repeatedly poking fun at someone’s looks, accent, weight, heredity, height, color of skin, passionate irreverence or zealous religious beliefs, but something has changed — Viva La interfaith respect for freedom of speech!

Like most rational thinking people, I acknowledge, it’s not just what we say but how we say it, so on my more reasonable days, I am not Charlie, but every day, I proclaim, Viva La Parisians adding their verse, Je suis Charlie, to a finally growing international chorus, marching and chanting in harmony:  Enough is Enough!

Nonetheless, we do not excuse murder, when wondering why one chooses to be our antagonist, though some opine by splattering mourners of Charlie Hebdo, with opportunistic creativity, laced with bias and dipped in prejudice flavoring, for revenge.  No, Sanghoee, it is neither defeat nor praise to wonder why, before unleashing police state among the masses.  Questioning violent motivation, speaks less praise for our attackers, than direct our united human response.

To those using Open Carry on any soil, soiling any peaceful multi-nationality city with innocent blood, remember, for centuries the pen has proven mightier than beheadings, gun violence or Guantanamo torture.  Viva La Unity Rally in Paris and Anonymous non-violent hacking!

Cowardly murderers are history’s infamous footnotes, and from 1777 Cornstalk murder to the gunning down of Parisians in 2015, know this, while our red eyed monster is the love of money, its wings are the insatiable needy indulgence for power over others.

First, steal the land; then enslave to develop; next, rape resources to drench oneself in black gold; finally privatizing for tea, stealing from Detroit slave descendants and corrupting with coal ash, take power’s most powerful partner:  water.

Can’t imagine our world without safe flowing air & water, decent housing, structurally sound schools, debt free education, reliable infrastructure, including adequately funded and updated energy grid – look out your window.

Now keeping our friends close but our enemies closer, remember Israel’s attack on the U. S. Liberty, keep a watchful eye on Bilderberg meetings, never forget The Spanish Inquisition and be mindful of any domestic or foreign political coalition trying to take us backwards — for it is only in degrees of violence that we stand separately from the small Muslim core that uses us to destroy the truth and wisdom of both the Koran and the Bible.

Religion and governments are only the problem when fanatics, extremists and masked Chicken Littles torture, destroy, and murder in the name of a God they defame.

It takes billions to make war a perpetual profit, but only millions to save and build lives — Gender equality and justice for all are as much the innocent targets, as diverse beliefs, fashion statements and the freedom of creative artists.

I am not Charlie, but I stand with all who demand the right to be.


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