Month: February 2015

Giuliani, Jeb and O’Reilly Snow Job 

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Though snow bound America, let’s not be frozen out by K Street, nor succumb to adrift ice bergs Jeb & Rand, nor punctured by ice-picks Giuliani & O’Reilly or suffer a Scott Walker brain freeze – because Oscar notwithstanding, loving America is not a “Whites Only,” entrance.

Selma Bridge GLORYIt’s GLORY!

Unlike Joe Scarborough, it never crossed my mind that conservative Republican leadership had planned on abandoning the anti-Obama plan, nor Conservative governors of little character, nor that those PACs packed in the underbelly of Vegas formulating gerrymandered districts would grasp that video, like the internet, is forever.

We see you and we know who you are!

However, we snowed-in social media posters could spend more of our time plowing roadways to big idea solutions for our larger challenges – better than being so easily distracted into investing so much intellectual focus on small minds.

Momentary megaphones for sale, deposited by their sponsors onto our pathway to fog up our vision, dishonor love of country, for their Arctic blast seeks to whiteout our oversight of an earth on which all depend, regardless of party affiliation, sexual preferences or informational gaps in connection between feet of snow and feet of clay:  The Earth is getting less dependable with each day, and while chasing glaciers of ignorance, we’re missing it.

Shoveling our way through what snow jobs have Left Behind, perhaps we shouldn’t wander away from wondering, how smart is it for smart people to spend so much time talking about people who choose not to be smart.

Now we all know, when Supremes come in at 5-4 and too many members of both our Congressional houses fall well short of intellectual challenges, there are a lot more smart Americans, failing to do a lot of the smart things that need doing, like voting themselves into running the people who run the people who are supposed to be running the country.

So through the 2015 blizzards of pre-2016 elections, let’s campaign for the Golden Rule common sense smart people for a change, and a chance to avoid the pile up of hyperbole, clichés and rhetoric — should be more productive than ignoring our earth to death, while FB poking.

Increasingly children and parks are the best snapshot of mother earth, before We Built It’s Great Recession.  One-way ticket to Mars or not, our children will cast their grandchildren in the Edward G. Robinson Soylent Green role to tell the story of how, we the consumers, disappeared their future.

With judges refusing same sex marriages, doctors, refusing child care for lesbians-in-training and governors unable to discern what a president loves, maybe we finally have something more to fear, than fear itself.  Maybe it’s smart to fear those who say anything just for attention, votes or ratings, to plow us under the marriage of short term memory and long term ignorance.

If we insist on casting pearls before mayors lost without a big apple, governors masquerading as something new, when they’re really something borrowed; When we fail to discern series of killing books only kill the truth, then we become false prophets looking for a self-fulfilled prophecy, like, ISIL.

Perhaps it’s smarter to fear the fear but stop

  • The loss of the Bill of Rights and Sermon on the Mount to selective political lip service
  • The hypocrisy of the Hippocratic Oath
  • Doctors failing to practice being medically caring human beings
  • Those who speak of God speaking directly to them, speaking the unspeakable against, love thy neighbor as thyself
  • Politicians making little children suffer under their budget cuts

Time waits for no one, especially not those refusing to search its horizons, so let’s lead by example, working toward Justice for All, rather than battling against Conservative reluctance to acquire a taste for truth, gender equality, common sense and honor.

Murderers Row:  Hate, Ignorance, Lying – Headlined by 2/15/15

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Working VotersLabeling wars like movie sequels, makes them endearing, and enduring for those who sow the tools of constant conflict:  hate, ignorance and lies that take lives.

Instilling hate to camouflage fear in order to exploit ignorance, is war finely tuned to murder reasonable thought, visionary choices, intelligent compromise and human decency:  doing unto others as we would have them do unto us.

Whether Red State House hate or unvaccinated family home ignorance, every day, in every way, we are lied to by liars far more damaging than a Brian Williams gaming it to praise a veteran.

So let’s suspend the lies of Scott Walker’s Evolution, Bobby Jindal’s No Go Zones, Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore’s Alabama Right to overrule both Federal Judicial system and the United States Constitution, freeing him and Sam Brownback to blow off Americans marrying whomever they wish to, I Do, Governor & Chief offer con job with hands on anti-LGBT legalize.

Early birds do it; late night bees do it; even news watching veterans do it, let’s do it; let’s suspend all those who suspend truth whether with an empty political convention chair or a drunken VP hunting facial.

From the ridiculously obvious lack of lucid factual content of vacant and sometimes vile Fox News, to early morning glitz with little substance Today Show, hyperbole, like TV anchors & Congressional warmongers, come in all institutional media and hairstyles – but perhaps none more murderous than presidential lies, Tonkin Gulf and WMDs, which snuffed out American lives as scurrilously as a beheading ISIS terrorist.

Ignorance of the facts transforms us into gullible platitude spouting mobs blindsided by corporatism’s bottom line, like…

  • Target/CVS/Walgreens/Walmart over-charging
  • Pharmaceuticals Statin lies
  • Doctors’ Cholesterol lies
  • Grownup Little League lies, sporting lying as the breakfast of champions.

Armed with short term memory, we’re programmed straight shooters, justifying national atrocities with Tomcats grandstanding on anti-Veteran suicide bill vote and Gitmo detainees can rot in hell. 

Despite our history of slavery, lynching, water boarding, intentional coal ash dumping and indifference to oil spill environmental hazards, we maintain the right of outrage at burning people alive – while not permitting ourselves to deny our duplicity in a Middle East future and our prejudicial past.

To both paraphrase and embellish the blatant honesty of FBI Director James Comey, our intra-American cultural melting pot won’t mix into a mutually beneficial delicacy by simply seasoning it with body cameras on uniforms without nametags.

Our past imbalance need not diminish our future prologue.  For Example:

  • all inclusive qualitative education without debtor’s prison
  • equal justice without police brutality
  • equal pay without gender bias
  • equal opportunity without state manipulated discrimination
  • freedom from rebirthing a nation of Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee Texas and Virginia restricting voting privileges
  • Political redistricting lynching our electoral process with Citizen’s United

The death knell for Kayla Mueller, Chris Kyle, Deah Shaddy Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha;

The two assassinated NYC police, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu; The killing of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice – all are the residue of humanity’s historical roots in hate and ignorance – personified by perpetual lies passed along to our children and grandchildren, denying what we fear most:  Differences!

Yet, besides boards whose companies benefit from the sale of war munitions, most Americans don’t want perpetual war, not even Filibuster Flip-Flopper Mitch McConnell, Immigration Tea potted John Boehner nor hypocrisy aficionado, Lindsey Graham, for only Corporatism profits from perpetual warSnow Dog Face Mountain small

Obama’s three year war-powers cutoff limits whatever mess he can leave behind.  Nonetheless, whatever this chess player-in-chief’s next Middle East move, one truth is clear – America needs to stop lying to itself about Muslims, Arabs, Sunni, Shia or the Middle East.  Instead let’s accept our ignorance on the subject and educate our way out:  knowing both ISIS and American Corporatism thrive on our ignorance and on  the booty of unending .