The Bridge from King to President & Emails “Established by the State” – Headlined by 3/13/15

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War on Women smallTalk Show conspiracy theories underpin those enraptured by the feeding frenzy of a scandal fixated Media, droning on about email guidelines not followed 10/1995—02/2013 before State Department caught up with e-curve enough to transform guidelines into rules and regulations.

That said, warning Hillary, next Media feed will be on your body language, facial expressions and vocal tone.

Meanwhile:  WE segued from Black History to Women Herstory month with yet another unarmed black man shot to death by an armed white man in blue.

America’s Civil War never ended – It just changed uniforms.

Meantime:  Republican Congress pretty minus at Selma Commemoration while forty-seven Republican Senators signed on to undercut foreign policy negotiations of a sitting president.

If email use is a test of judgment, this GOP behavior is a definition of character — the irony of which far exceeds any historical hypocrisy, except perhaps the recent Republican embrace of Benjamin Netanyahu — and yet, including Tamron Hall hosting like a juvenile out of control, none of this conduct rises to the level of treason, nor a violation of the Logan Act, but all bruise minimum standards of professionalism or even maturity.

As for the overshadowed International Women’s Day, trying to light a candle amidst the tornado of media impeachment of 21st century palm device activity, #IfWomenRuledTheWorld WE might appreciate Hillary’s UN Women’s Empowerment speech, as much as we hunger for, Clinton gotcha.

America shall not be moved until all are paid equally, treated equally and judged equally, but WE need shake off the dust of repetitious rhetoric and intentionally misdirected priorities.

WE are engaged in great uncivil wars with corporate media bad for America, the not so grand divided Republican Party worst for America and a Supreme Court quintet failing to recognize what’s best for the electoral process of America.

WE, with every text, Tweet and yes, email, must prioritize the lesson of Selma:  Justice for All – and call out Supreme Court on Citizens United, siphoning off of vital sections of Voting Rights Act and Obamacare.

This is a test of whether this nation so conceived and so dedicated to I Have a Dream that includes all minorities, women and children benefiting from an Affordable Care Act can endure, when only one of the three branches of government believes, all the people are WE the People.

Prejudice, whether clothed in white hoods, red neck Frat Houses, blue uniforms, Media suits or Tea stained House of Representatives, WE hold this truth to be self-evident:  There is no Exceptionalism in hate, media hyperbole, miss-representation of facts or oppression of those who do not look, act, think, speak or marry as WE.

WE, are all that remains of The Gettysburg Address who can choose to answer the anguished cries of the ignored, shot to death by a good man with a gun failing to protect and serve, without prejudice – or we can emulate talk show hosts, loving the sound of their chorus du jour.

WE ask, if no war on women, why won’t at least three more state legislatures vote to ratify the ERA?

WE cannot succumb to people flip flopping to Dixiecrats in response to Emancipation, then back to the Solid South after 1964 Civil Rights Act, while claiming that it isn’t a black and white issue.

WE, true patriots, hold suspect the Supreme dismissal of most of America’s Voting Rights law in the face of the U. S. Department of Justice admonition of Ferguson Police department and KKK bought Billboard near Edmund Pettus Bridge while continuing to claim, this is post racial America.

WE shall not overcome until Supreme Court, Congress and Media cross the bridge, from King to Obama.





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