The Elephant in the Coffee Shop – Headlined on 3/24/15

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UVa RotundaThere is no innocence in electing those who pretend to be ignorant to win votes from those herded into non-thinking Gerrymandered districts — and no stupidity in politicians reaping the reward, except perhaps, Downton Abbey Representative Aaron Schock — but we have bigger elephants, than temper tantrum McCain lecturing Obama on temper, temper, in the room.

Relegating African-American history to February and Herstory of Women to March, encourages short term memory loss regarding both for ten months a year, and diminishes the whole of America’s identity.

Not binding our hardcover history with the history of African-Americans and women creates a vacuum in our electoral process and disconnects non-whites from the non-thinking elephants in the back rooms of Corporatism, police units, campuses, Congress and Town Hall meetings.

It is not our bankruptcy in math and science education that is impoverishing our national intellect.  It is the inherited closed minds we continue to allow to define what education is, and is not.

Citizens united on FB against Scalia, Alito and Roberts ignoring the reality of America’s 21st century racism, while gutting our 1965 Voting Rights Act, is deficient patriotism.  When Social Media isn’t enough, we need educate with the art of coffee house enlightenment.

While ignored by Supremes and seemingly just discovered by our media:

  • All Life Matters
  • Racism did not end in 1865 or 1968
  • Without ERA ratification, Women are Not Constitutionally Equal
  • Without gender, racial and sexual equality, there is no equal economic opportunity
  • Student loans and Great Recession sacrifice our future on the altar of the top 1%
  • Oil Industry, like Shell in Norco Louisiana make money by endangering lives & environment
  • Perpetual war costs could put solar panels on every American home
  • Fraternities are time capsules of boys where women have neither voice nor vote
  • There are many honorable uniformed law abiding citizens, but too many uniforms are shielding racists and rapists from Due Process
  • Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz and Rick Scott are not the only reality deniers elected by reality deniers

Education is learning to reason, to think for ourselves; historically, after conversing with creative thinkers, we’d emerge, wiser.  It’s not just that geniuses enjoy coffee chats with other geniuses, but that all broaden their education when taking time to stimulate the brain through personal engagement with thinking people.

Diversity of thought through conversation inspires acumen, unlike regurgitating dates & formulas, teaching to the test, absorbing whitewashed versions of American history, pigeonholed in overcrowded classrooms, thinking outside the box deprived.

Prioritizing mental health and family, 49ers Chris Borland’s end run for brain safety is touchdown for higher education.

Following the example of those who know enough to seize the benefits of differing points-of-view proves two heads are better than one, if both heads are thinking before speaking.

Total agreement need not be the goal, merely one sip of coffee, or tea, possibility, as we think out loud for the joy of discovery.  To Mastermind equality, we need master the art of face-to-face civil discourse.

Tasers, nightsticks, guns, white hoods, burning crosses and hanging trees, are as prescient in cyber bullying, cowardly trolling Twitter, conservative jurists gaveling on the backs of human trafficking as Virginia ABC state bloodying a UVa honor student, while declaring, we’re living in a post racial America – unthinkable!

The Elephant in the Room:  with the repetitive breaking news of police brutality on black Americans, sleeping nudes posted on FB after being date drugged and LGBT denied the rights of full American citizenship, perhaps after all, we are settling for being a third world oasis in a first world region:  Of the 99% people – By the 1776 top 1% people – For the 21st century .01% Wall Street people.



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