Month: June 2015

Field of Dreams: Corporatism’s Supreme Nightmare

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Twenty Dollar BillIn the midst of racial death by gunman and take it down, we have been disciplined through the power of Charleston’s forgiving grace, Titanic loss of genius and Equal Justice Under Law.

So it is written, so let it be done:  regardless of race, color, creed, origin, heritage, political or sexual persuasion, it has been legally acknowledged, in the wake of malice aforethought murder, Amazing Grace and Supreme Power — all of God’s children, should be free at last, except women.

Whether celebratory reception or hateful backlash, shall we now let go of the past, its symbols and welcome women into our national transformation from inequality to equal economic opportunity – for is it not possible, the entire universe is working in mysterious ways:  Iran nuclear deal, the climate change that is Pope Francis I and potentially history fulfilling elections; most of which are  moving us away from the supremacy of any, over another – except for ERA ratification.

The city of Charleston, the State of South Carolina and most of Americans across our United States have demonstrated, if not God’s grace, at least the embodiment of graceful perseverance, non-violence in the face of gun violence and the power of forgiveness in racial unity, if not gender equality – and still, like Mother Emanuel’s lost souls, more mothers, daughters and sisters, pay the price.

Although it was a long time between King sermon and Obama eulogy, let us build on how far we’ve transcended from Dixiecrats after Lincoln’s Emancipation, to flip-flopping to Republican Right Wing thinking after Kennedy/Johnson Civil Rights Act and, although knowing the race is not yet won on the streets of American hearts and minds, when the son of segregationist Strom Thurmond stands up for taking down 1960’s anti-integration Stars and Bars, much has been overcome, though less so for women.

Historically, all of America’s transitions have been filled with extremes from either side of doubt, violence, hate speech, political rhetoric, misleading platitudes, and the misuse of flags and other symbols to ignite and excite the gamut of misguided emotions, failure to think rationally for the good of all, and treason against reason.

Could our journey from Sandy Hook to Charleston have transformed us finally, from flag waving Open Carry group-speak to being exceptional living examples of our Constitution?  Could we, in November 2016, transform from a nation divided by gerrymandering, gridlock and gender inequality into a united people embracing, learning and benefiting from every segment of We the People?

In tragedy, we often find cause to define mental health as transgression, instead of asking ourselves the crucial questions, seeking more than temporary shallow answers and knocking at the door of peaceful co-existence for in-depth solutions.

But fear not, for no matter which side of herstory or history you stand, in a United States of America we are still pretty much free to be as insulting, loving, hateful, friendly, giving, greedy, forgiving, vengeful, good, bad, ugly, faithful, antagonistic, honest, deceitful, pro-life, pro-choice, disrespectful at funerals, or even civil toward our fellow human beings – and, most of us can be 99% certain, we probably will not be enslaved, chained to a post and whipped or massively thrown into private prisons for hating those who don’t look, think, vote, worship or love the way we do.

June 2015:

  • Wednesday 17th, six women, three men shot to death in Charleston
  • Monday 22nd Composer James Horner dies in plane crash
  • Thursday 25th U. S. Supreme Court saves both Obamacare and Fair Housing Act
  • Friday 26th SCOTUS rules for Same Sex Marriage, endorsing Love thy Gay Neighbor as thyself.

Like thirteen days of October 1962, thirteen days in June 2015 have both challenged and fortified those of us who choose to listen, welcome and allow exceptional equality to be well with our soul.Zoe & Soulmate




Dawn to Dusk – Ashes to Dust – Headlined on Sun 6/21/15

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Jefferson School Small150 years after Appomattox, African-American churchgoers still under attack – one man’s faith is another’s carefully taught fear.

Heads bowed or eyes uplifted, American transformation has always frightened the status quo:  1776, 1865, 1960’s, from Thomas Jefferson’s inconsistencies, to Ferguson, Baltimore and now Charleston.  Will we never rise up from decaying infrastructure, to rejuvenate on The Golden Rule Bridge?

150 years after Emancipation, descendants of enslaved people are still targeted on neighborhood streets and during Bible Study in the first social institution fully controlled by black men in America, by armed descendants of slave owners carefully taught to cull cultural evolution.

Political, religious, racial and sexual transformation are violently shaking our reactionary M O:  poo-pooing Pope’s wholly universal view of humanity slogging through an immense pile of filth, having abandoned earth Stewardship.  Thinking Tithing, our only charge, like Red Pollard, we’re looking over our shoulder too late to win the race with the oceans – we drown in commercialized ignorance of dwindling drinking water – mistaking guns and money, for oars.

150 years after Lee and Grant separately signed for peace together, it is for us the great grand-children and our children’s children to keep trying to win the good fight against the tragic consequences of hate – but is it likely South Carolina lawmakers will at least make a symbolic gesture of respect to six women and three men slain in Charleston, now that secret Koch brothers’ party pal Justice Clarence Thomas has tagged Confederate flag license plates?

Truth is, no matter our skin color, family background; no matter our education, dress, or address; no matter our uncast vote or filled out ballot; no matter our sleep partner or orifice preference; no matter the aisle side with which we identify; gated community or walk-up – unless you’re wallowing in luxurious Corporatism bonuses, you are the 99%!

We are the company we keep electing, so elect those who reject anyone being target practice for hate, murder and bullies of every kind.  Voting is the glue of love and hope needed to transform us in unity, and non-violent protests are the only way to right our ship of state.

150 years after our first Presidential assassination, is too long for continually kicking the can down the road to children whose life expectancy is now declining in quantity and quality with each succeeding generation.

Whether our weather comes from God, countrymen or Martians, Climate Change is here and will continue changing us, until we hop out of the simmering pot of denial.

History making facts:

  • Bilderberg has given G7 membership notice, to give producers of Fossil Fuels notice, to monopolize renewables before the end of 21st
  • FDA orders food manufacturers to stop using Trans-Fat in our food, within three years. What’s next, Pharmaceutical pushers of Statin addiction taken off Viagra?
  • 150 years after the Jefferson School opened in Charlottesville, Virginia in October 1865, it remains a beacon for the half that has yet been told — more than a restoration of the past, the Jefferson School African-American Heritage Center is a cultural Renaissance, transforming our future quality of life and liberty with the pursuit of the whole Herstory as well as history.
  • 154 years after April 12, 1861 gun violence, I was the Spoleto Festival Rehearsal Department Director, in the Low Country of Charleston; 150 years after the Civil War it started, Dylann Roof is NOT Charleston, but the families who forgive him, are.

Although evolution has always terrified some Americans, our national progress is in forward thinking together.  Are we ready to transform out of gun and flag conflicts into the brilliance of ensemble?

We’re not just whistling Dixie anymore.  We’re transforming into a multicultural symphonyseparate but equal medley isn’t enough.  We’ve got to learn to harmonize.