Are We Killing Atticus Finch

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Atticus Finch Gregory Peck SmallAs if Gridlock & Gerrymandering weren’t enough; locking Democrats and Republicans in indiscriminate conflict with K Street domestic terrorists, and foreigners warring with each other, with our weapons of mass destruction — now the good guys and dolls are not only fighting the conservative rich guys and business executive doll, but media has convinced itself, all guys and dolls need to read as many emails as the NSA spying guys and dolls — all while China smogs their guys & dolls, steals identity of our guys & dolls and bankrolls American government guys & dolls, for bankrolling Wall Street guys & dolls.

Now, the Left guys and dolls are fighting with the Hillary centered guys and dolls, while the Right guys and dolls are getting even more fruity and multiplying good ol’ boy family values, including, but not limited to, their sisters and high school boys they coached with millions.

However, except for those who boo the good military gay guys and dolls while considering electing the oops low hanging fruit, most Americans know, for all the issues the left hand doesn’t know the right hand is giving and receiving from the Far Right tax exempt – who do us wrong from top floor board rooms of Me, Me, Me, Libertarian Corporatism – We, we, we have discovered, just a little moment’s pause at life’s reflection pool and, revelation:  we’ve been redirected with misinformation.

Now, first enjoy a good old jab at side steeping election laws Jeb, guffaw.

Then, just for the fun of it, with a twinkle in your eye and a knowing smile, ascertain how many egos are racing Right against all other races for the rat’s black gold of the gods of Fossil Fuels, genuflecting before the fossils of the confederacy and the remnants of its ceaseless assassination attempts against all that’s intellectually Blue and reasonably Purple — Red faced with anger and fear of those darker than they, exposing the darkness in their hearts and minds still spouting the exceptional patriotism of perpetual war.

But fear not, for no matter what tea stain on which you pray America Cruzes into burning Bush II on a Graham cracker, you can find at least a million country loving citizens who, despising the other half of the population will, no matter what you’re peddling, with ovation applaud it, horde it, contribute too much to it, yet still manage to sell it for a huge profit, to one born every minute — ultimately electing it to a privately PAC purchased public office.

Now, in the time we have left on a melting planet to be good guys and dolls, if not Stewards of kingdoms we’ve inherited thinking we built that — before burying ourselves so far Right in over consumerism, we amend, all men are created equal, to, as long as they are Right enough for a garden Geller serpent’s apple — let us, like delayed airport Broadway melodious previews, make a joyful noise guys and dolls, in sweet national harmony.

Turning the other cheek, can’t we hot dolls and cold guys embrace the Golden Rule enough to enlighten the lukewarm?  Because maybe, if we try singing, laughing and listening in ensemble more, we will yet avoid drinking water wars in our streets.

Just imagine, and make it so:  Justice for All, protection from bullying of any kind, guaranteed racial and gender equality, freedom from mass incarceration, support for a universal livable wage, the smarts to renew with renewable energy and an end, to Alzheimer’s.

Then all that Right & Left would center on all — of, by and for the people.


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