Happy 239th America

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History can be Beautiful 250On July 4, 2015, let us give proof through the night that each of us is still there for all of us, and if we can’t put a woman in the White House, then at least give women their own $20 bill.

The 1814 key to any Independence Day is celebration with contemplation of our national journey:  lessons learned from mistakes, what we miss most about ourselves, and those MIA from our story.

While remembering 1776 with sparklers and beer, allow wonder:  Founding Fathers, signers and authors of the Declaration of Independence and Presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, die July 4, 1826 – A final suggestion for interdependence?

Shall we protect Puerto Rico as American commonwealth?  Shall we finally raise a glass of whiskey to toast Sacagawea and all the original Americans who are still sacrificed for our Westward Ho tuft-hunters looking for all that glitters?

At 239 shall we give Greece a hand up, or protect what little Wells Fargo, Bank of America and their Wall Street & Congressional comrades have left behind for us?

Shall we lift every voice and sing in confirmation for Freddie Gray and all his brothers and sisters of similar fate from vans boasting, “Enjoy your ride, cuz we sure will!?”

At 239 amidst fires, drought, tornadoes, floods, church murders and Media promoted Lone Wolf scenarios, we remain fired up and ready to explode both heavens and low places in Bi-partisan celebration of preemptive Open Carry & Free at Last Obamacare; Billionaire bonuses & Fair Housing Act for those with miniscule incomes; The Westboro Baptist Church funeral protests & legalized Same Sex Marriage awarded Supreme nod to Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself – a commandment second only to Loving the God profaned by self-righteous hate, enslavement and hypocrisy.

As we celebrate 1776 to 2015, let us acknowledge both Herstory and History, insisting all of our united states ratify the Equal Rights Amendment for wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and yes, grandmothers in their state.

Shall we embrace the half never told and this self-evident truth:  While the love of money is the root of all evil, our use of money is the grassroots mega weapon for conquering corporate take-over, teaching us, together we can defeat our true enemies – domestic violence, bullies of children, gun violence, spousal abuse, sex trafficking, rape and inequitable economic opportunity.

As the Rockets’ Red Glare, let us not so much worship flags and monuments, as become the living embodiment of our best documents:  The Declaration of Independence, The United Sates Constitution (especially the 13th, 14th, 19th, & of course, 1st Amendments) and The Gettysburg Address.

Knowing national economic needs are the real movers and shakers let, What is Past is Prologue and Proverbs give us wisdom for:

  • Iran returning to our circle of frenemies
  • Atmospheric Mercury pollution reigning over us
  • Cuba’s return after half century
  • Conservative Supremes knowingly sanctioning domestic torture in state executions
  • BP paying up, sort-of
  • Trump reaping what he has sown: multiple firings.

Even if Romney’s 47% and Obama’s 47% continue denying their Out of Many, One, inclusion in the 99%, agreeing to disagree, we can learn to apply 1% methodology, and vote with our wallets, our purchases, our consumerism.  Then every day is both Independence and Election Day, without any limits on age, transformation or celebrations.

America has always been a work in progress of mixed blessings, each struggling for supremacy in an ever increasing melting pot.  I love my country so much, my 239th birthday wish for America is:  all of America begins loving all Americans.

So, Happy Birthday Neil Simon, George M. Cohan and The United States of  America!


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