Domestic Violence – Corporate Terrorists – Justice Denied – Headlined by 7/22/15

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Mother of Child Lost to BullyingIt’s not just guns.  It’s fists, knives, gangs, bullies, human traffickers, spousal abusers, drug pushers, rapists, bombers, serial killers, mass murderers, child molesters, war mongers, war profiteers, revenge seekers, bigots, Statin pushers, politicians sequestering poor, young, elderly and those abusing their authority whether costumed in Wall Street suits, police uniforms or street tattoos — these are domestic terrorists.

December 2012, six adults at Sandy Hook and twenty of their elementary school students murdered — June 2015, nine African-Americans gunned down while attending their Bible Study in a Charleston church — Now a fifth man who honored family, country and uniform, dead in Chattanooga at the hands of a man with a gun, but it’s not just guns – it’s us.

Whether a vengeful Murdoch posting an eighty year old photo of a seven year old future English monarch imitating newsreels of the then rising fall of Germany; the short sighted narrow-minded bottom line puppeteers of Corporatism; or Open Carry twisted Second Amendment, it’s all short eyes, inflicting the most damage when coming from those we trust to keep us safe:  teachers, police, parents, Presidents.

Thankfully, America’s new pastime is not selfies, but smart phone recording the increasing heatwave of raging violence.  Still not all have clear definition of bullying.  At the very least, violence is aggressive intimidation.

However, now, violence, like The Blob, is increasingly suffocating our peace of mind.  Like lava flow, it claims territorial control over the vulnerable and those least expecting to be targets.

Violence entreats some to lock and load, mission focused on recapturing an illusion that has forever eluded them. Following bloodshed headlines, they’re claimed by chains, diminished humanity and self-destruction.

Misguided, they are ruled by digital devices, disconnecting unemployment, compromised media and shameless politicians unashamedly on the take.

Some, power hungry, transfixed by a little power, shoot fleeing unarmed men, wrestle bikini clad teens to the ground and insist a twenty-eight year old activist, on a mission to let her people go, hanged herself with a plastic bag in a Texas cell.

Violence lashes out from a void we fail to comprehend, as it reigns us back in at Cain and Abel.

Whether western drought, central tornadoes & lightening, eastern floods or congressional constipation, American life has been accosted by daily manipulation of corporate owned TV ratings race – with Chuck Todd opining about Trump opining about McCain’s heroism, in a war in which Todd, Cheney and Trump have no experience.  Then Johnny Come Lately pot of GOP candidates chime in, calling the kettle black.

It’s not just the guns or the media trumped up loud mouths — It’s who & what we applaud, and why – It’s the ideas to which we genuflect – and it’s on us!

It’s all in the marketing message, so it’s on us to vigilantly halt all attempts to absorb us into numbing indifference.  The blame game of everything’s coming up ISIS or Mental Illness is the Money Changers’ malleable sales pitch.

United We Stand demands it’s time:  peace be with our uncivil wars.  Cease and desist talking past each other.  Start listening twice as much as we speak.  Feel each other’s pain.  It’s not just about flags and guns, it’s the aura around which we’ve been conditioned to champion them.

It’s not just guns – it’s those who insist we need them, that we’re somehow incomplete without them.  Now, where is the bottom?!?

Let’s let go of, not my problem and, looking within, acknowledge all acts of violence are motivated by fear and anger.  Guns are merely the steroids.

Educate inequitable fears out of addiction to violent tendencies, and we will cure the need for guns to prove, what is at best, fleeting mastery.

Then, if not World Peace, perhaps a bully free society.Second Amendment Rewrites



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