Bigger Thomas vs. Rove Dirty Tricks and Koch Heads – Headlined on OpEdNews Sun 8/2/15

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Black Lives Matter, former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman’s life matters, the lives of all women matter – indeed, All Lives Matter, even Bigger Thomaslow life’s who kill innocent school children, church Bible Study groups, date night movie goers, lions, tigers, bears, and oh my those who threaten the lives of all those with different religious, political or sexual preferences.

No good Stewardship of earth exists without internalizing the essence of caring more deeply for all that lives upon it.  Indeed, a sharing and loving life is the most stress relieving journey possible, to the destination of World Peace.

Whatever our tax bracket, life’s journey is thwart with more tragedies than comedies, more lows than highs and more regrets than Joie de Viere, when we deny:  nothing, no place, no one on earth, is here for our sport – to underpay, under-employ, ignore, sacrifice for gain; to rape, pillage, plunder, drug for assault, addict for profit; to bully, shame, oppress, bomb, assassinate or enslave for regional economic stability.

Life on earth can be a precious unity of happiness, purpose and prosperity for the entire animal kingdom, great and small, human and non.  We make life a lie, when assuming superiority over other lives for any reason, but because of skin color, professional position or personal income — how pathetically self-deluded and woefully sad is that?

The toilet is for the white lady, but you, little black girl, would be a good little girl if you just go outside and squat on the sidewalk.

Bigger Thomas, like Uncle Tom, Sitting Bull, Rosa Parks, George Takei, Barack Obama, and so many others, remain second class citizens in the eyes of those who believe Donald Trump cares any more for older conservative white people than Dr. Walter James Palmer cared about killing the lion, Cecil.

Too much indifferent over consuming of earth’s resources and general inhumane behavior toward each other, can be attributed to Corporatism’s billionaire’s club of Koch heads’ media marketing misinformation machine and ongoing Too Big to Jail Wall Street Banker corruption and misconduct, however, there comes a time when we must accept ownership and responsibility for our conduct.

Yes, through manipulation of religious beliefs, patriotic fervor, fear of all things sexual and differences, dirty tricksters, like Karl Rove and other bottom feeders, politically and socially slime the truth to con both gullible and vulnerable – still we must realize, we gain no mutual United We Stand, by continuing to call each other stupid.

Nonetheless, by official headcount, there are more black & brown people than pink & white people ensconced in mass incarceration in public and private prisons for profit – if not shot to death, DWB.

Truth is, threatening a dentist’s life, posting someone’s personal contact information online, violently opposing a lower Manhattan Muslim Community Center, police brutality and Republican leadership selling out Americans to the Koch brothers – are, at best, examples of Mob Rule — at worst, violations of our U. S. Constitution – and it’s on us.

Now Own It:

  • There’s still bigotry in the solid south and the deep-south.
  • In 2015 there remains, gender, age and racial bias throughout America’s North, West and upper south
  • People entering, or living in America, as sight-seeing tourists, naturalized citizens, documented immigrants, undocumented wannabes and migrant workers experience American prejudice
  • Maybe white supremacists have infiltrated some police forces

Our humanity exists to the degree we are gracious stewards for all life on earth, allowing all a healthful, meaningful and enlightened journey of equal economic opportunity to wisdom and peace – a journey we need begin with, letting go of the thrill to kill.

Jericho lives for Cecil’s cubs.  As humans, can’t we live for each other?


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