ALL of us Need Start Listening to SOME of us

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Republicans worst types SmallIt’s easy to laugh at & ridicule each other, but smarter to pay attention to all of us – Conservatives, Independents and Liberals: time to seriously face the truth:

1) SOME Americans want a President Trump;

2) SOME Americans deny justice to minorities by shooting them;

3) SOME Americans profit from perpetual war fought by other Americans;

4) SOME Americans think owning or culling darker skinned people is Right;

5) SOME Americans believe Female Americans are not worth equal pay —

But Most AMERICANS know it’s time for mutual respect, civility and working harmoniously together —

No more Wall Street Sheep electing Corporatism’s puppets!

We The People need stand United again in Common Sense, Common Decency & Justice for ALL. Demanding Action Poster Small


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