New Orleans and other Forgotten History – Headlined by Mon 8/31/15

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Rainville sk16.inddRepulsed by government issued free stay out of jail cards to Corporatism’s war criminals, and unforgiving of a Pentagon which when asked where in the passageways of Foggy Bottom, did our 8.5 Trillion dollars vaporize, imitates Alberto Gonzales, I can’t recall – isn’t enough.  We must also vote!

This slight-of-hand, well-honed even before southern enslavers thought of the enslaved as Hands, is how war and bankers left America behind.

The preamble of our hurricane, climate and political disasters is also its consequence:  our human chains of red, black and female people – dating back from European immigrant descendent, Andrew Jackson, who even before the 1838-39 Trail of Tears, evicted Native Americans from the South Western slave states.

An F-word comes to mind from an old English word meaning to beat, as in strike with a blow.  Before old English, f**k meant to tear open, as in plow under.

Cheney’s 2008, “So,” was The Dick dropping the F-Bomb on two-thirds of Americans; roughly the 214 million of us who now chronically check our smart phones for distractions.

Before VP Dick’s White House meeting with Wall Street bankers, arguably igniting our Great Recession, we had been gut wrenchingly transformed at least three times in our history…

  • 1776 Revolution
  • 1860-65 Civil War
  • Both 1960s: The Kennedy/Cuban Missile Crisis/King Civil Rights/Dreams of Bobby in the White House 60s and, the Peace/Free Love/Flower Child/Woodstock/Hippie 60s.

To leverage our current Trumped outbreak, follow the dastardly brick road of banker bonuses and political backers – both supporters and DT’s antagonists huddling in back rooms, conjuring up, Double, Double Toil And Trouble – should a secret deal to save the moneyed Right-wing rule, fail.

When African-American friends insist, as first line of defense, it’s because they’re black, I echo Ragtime, Sometimes there are battles that are more than black or white.  However, when a black car crash victim is shot ten times by a white police officer, who is then acquitted of manslaughter, by a North Carolina hung jury, truth is:  Black Lives Matter, doesn’t, everywhere in America.

But let’s keep in mind, just forty years before our Civil War, less affluent white men, like Bob Potter, Franklin Plummer, and future Speaker of the House, Senator and Secretary of State, Henry Clay, were granted the privilege of voting — but only the wealthy land and human property owners could decide the extent of citizenship; no possibility of course for female voting until 1920; status of enslaved family descendants – still on hold for equality in the 21st century.

Nonetheless, comparing every arrogant, uncivil, imbecilic American boilerplate, political caricature, to Hitler, is too Palin to be effective.  Especially as American Exceptionalism has, on so many levels, oppressed too many races, just because they were off white.

Still, unlike media, there is wisdom in history’s repetitive warnings:  In the 1930s many otherwise rational Germans, angered by how the governments of their fellow Europeans, used the Treaty of Versailles to emasculate them, raised a nationalistic, racially biased salute to their blowhard.

Even after President Paul von Hindenburg raised the Bohemian corporal to German Chancellor, the silent majority didn’t expect a third Reich attempt.  By the time their laughter was replaced by comprehension of his maleficence racial goals, the devastating joke of war was upon them — and six million humans deemed unworthy, by the barbaric and obnoxious political newbie, were exterminated.

So in 2016, the question for Americans is, shall we f**k our economic racist code, hold our email noses and vote for the woman strong, tough and mean enough to f**k the old white men who’ve transformed our democratic Republic into a Wall Street Banker’s Oligarchy, again? Or elect another old white man?  Or a showman who understands, it’s all in the marketing?

Before the GW Bush era sub-prime trial balloon, bankers always catered to the wealthy, and historically state universities educated only the sons of plantation owners.  But then, after a wink and a nod, from the Bush/Cheney Administration, Wall Street put into practice what it had discovered:  the billions that could be made by having their cake and eating ours too.

Conversely, ten years after Katrina, New Orleans proves, American heroes are those of us who stay and fight on, those who return to rebuild and even those, despite the generosity of a Brad Pitt or Jimmy Carter, like American Pharaoh, choose when the race is done.

Remember, win, lose or draw, elections are our rainbow gold.Zach Godshall Low and Behold


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