Growing Labor Pains: Religion – Guns – Victim Mentality: Headlined by OpEdNews on 9/8/15

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The greatest challenge to violence and hypocrisy is an informed public posting proof of our domestic wars on social media, because conservative money banks on people, more faux news than investigative reporting influenced, and as unlikely to exercise to pump blood to the brain, as they are to be politically analytical.

Long before the Labor pains of Scott Walker, Climate Refugees and Kim Davis, there were card cheats, wife beaters and gun violence.  For those who thought differently, the stake, and now, arson — for those who looked or spoke differently, tenement housing – and for those who forgot their place, the whipping post or hanging tree. American Lynching

2015:  Black Lives Matter makes a Right turn; Women calling out State Legislators for ratification of Constitutional equality; Native Americans going to Washington to deflate the name of a football team; Gay couples getting in the face of religious hypocrisy masking a hate crime.  Immigrants abandoned to truck suffocation.

Racial voter suppression, gender inequality, sexual alienation and preyed upon migrant workers are not new.  What is dangerously new:  parts of the First Amendment being twisted and turned against the whole of its Freedoms.

If God’s law, Kim Davis’ supporters are following, doesn’t resemble, Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself, wasn’t something lost in translation?

For the humanity in the mystery some call, God, we need look no further than a loving American tourist named, Pope Francis I.

When we claim to love God and Country, but fail to love all Americans, aren’t we aligning with the Hungarian government, and a past of parsing human beings like cattle, herding women and children from trains taking them to destinations not of their choosing, and marching them into camps?Hungary Refugees

What is Past is Prologue, when we continue to choose to be two warring halves, like Labor who built that vs. the European immigrants who thought of it, and how to get someone else to build it for meager wages and dwindling benefits.

The shift in the balance of power between the haves and have nots has increased collective growing pains of anger and fear.  Understandably most want the greener grass, but some need the green to manage control over the Red, Black, Brown, Yellow, LGBT and even spousal people.

We can’t wash our hands of our wars against those, in whose land we immigrated measles, syphilis, alcoholism and casinos or the infiltration of white supremacists into our cities’ police forces, but we can  end the wars of powerful greed against the laboring Middle Class, against women and against the needy.

Is Christianity still holy, merciful, giving and forgiving or have we, for political convenience, transformed it into a weapon of mass class discrimination?  If Pro-Life ends with birth, shouldn’t it be called Pro-labor pains?

Regardless of our choice of Inciting Moment:  1776, Civil War, Marshall Plan, 1960s, the infamous Powell Memo, Trickledown Reaganomics or Trump Farce, the Bush/Cheney Too Big to Fail banker induced Great Recession, nearly did us in, and we must never again empower

  • A Mushroom Cloud Gang
  • Poverty and alcoholism for Native Americans
  • Ignorance of The Founding Fathers’ Constitutional positions on religion
  • Violations of marriage equality deemed legal by U. S. Supreme Court
  • Free Will as the Freedom to impose one’s POV on another
  • Denial that every deadly shooting involves a gun

It is Wise to take fanatics seriously.  We, as a people, cannot ignore anger that comes from the fear of being replaced by people we’ve deemed second or low class since before the birth of our nation.

This kind of fear fueled anger does not evaporate with any election.  People targeted by such resentment, have not chosen victim mentality.  It is thrust upon them by the manipulated pawns of powerful economic megalomaniacs who, since invading The New World, have pillaged our vibrant and squandered our hued, for personal profit.Civil Rights Act SmallGovernment Billionaires small


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