Fueling the American Dream Begins with Freedom of Choice at the Pump – Headlined by OpEdNews.com 9/14/15

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Follow Francis SmallCongrats to Queen Elizabeth and prayers for those escaping Syrian war surviving persecution of Hungarian government, failing to imagine resources spent on mass transit trains would transport refugee masses out of Hungary, faster than camps and barbed wire fences.

The Victorian Age convinced most, there were monumental eras, man-made institutions, sustainable benchmarks and developing technologies that would, if not protect our empires, then at least our borders, resources and civilizations from erosion.

We assumed the permanence of coal, glaziers, Rain Forests, seasons, predictable weather patterns, electricity, sound currencies, loyalty between business and customers, incorruptible governments, national security, basic human decency, honesty, Character, Professionalism, WTC towers, air conditioning, computers, smart phones, personal privacy, freedom, plentiful, safe and clean food, water, air – and an endless flow of Fracking-Free oil – all while allowing infrastructure supporting our over consumerism habit, to decay, like truth at the pump.

Somewhere between Supreme Court shattering Standard Oil and favoring Citizens United, we became willing welcome mats for oil men hooking us on their Hookah refineries.  Oil in our carpets, furniture, plastics; our sweatshop produced clothing and pricy Pharmaceutical meds.

Oil lubricates High Tea societies, the poor, Middle Class and Middle East alike.  It is the underground stream overflowing Russian and European resurrection dreams, and fueling China’s race from second place to a smogged finish line.

Mesmerized by all that glitters, we believe lower gasoline prices come from oil gods suddenly empathetic to our environmental goals, instead of the manipulated calm before the storm, aimed at impeding the pursuit of alternative green energy.  Few wonder why most American military entrenchments are positioned near corporate owned oil fields, at an annual tax burden of, half a trillion dollars – corporate welfare, most foul.

Arguably, GM, Firestone Tire, Standard Oil, Federal Engineering, Phillips Petroleum, and Mack Trucks bought and destroyed electric mass transportation trolley cars, as prelude to Eisenhower confusing interstate roadways with mass transportation.  Either way, America got run off the rails and, oil slicked, Jack and Jill went up the hill guzzling gas.

International oil pumps ignited by WWII demand, became economic extortion weapons for mass American consumption, when in 1960, OPEC was founded by countries that America continues to fight for and against.

What if, China’s falling yuan stocks us like students haunted by banker’s loans?  What if black gold reserves disappear before Corporatism monopolizes renewable alternatives?  Can oil reserves last until we’re renewable, or tap out, leaving our children perpetually bloodied for oil stains? What will satisfy the next generation’s Chinese car craze, created in our image?

Hillary’s campaign, Serena’s loss and 9/11 have taught us, nothing can be taken for granted.  There is no certainly on a melting iceberg, in a diminishing Rain Forest or a flaming Giant Sequoia.  The only alternative to embracing renewable energy is a snowball in Congress and the corporate pawn hailing it as proof against Global Warming.

So what do we do?

  • Realize Americans dying for Halliburton is not a sustainable solution
  • Individually transform our piece of America to renewable green energy
  • Drive in a way that ends our Oil Age
  • Politically oppose oil company fuel monopoly
  • Make solar panels a construction requirement
  • Demand a choice between gasoline and bio fuels
  • Immolate China immolating us by immolating Brazil
  • Check to see if we have a Flex Fuel car
  • Petition Congress for alternative fuel distribution and demand the Open Fuel Standard Act be passed and delivered to President Obama to sign into law

Oil men like Bush/Cheney, oil companies like Shell and Exxon, auto companies like GM and their Wall Street bankers are the people who are corporations – and they are destroying the fabric of America; cities like Detroit, social assistance like Planned Parenthood, public education and the self-confidence of hard working Americans.

Even Henry Ford’s assembly line produced cars capable of running on either gasoline or alcohol.  Then came oilman John D. Rockefeller’s 18th Amendment to the Constitution.

It’s time America left behind the oil industry leaving us behind, because their bottom line is the priority that denies us the freedom to choose Flex Fuel cars.  When we stop buying gas guzzlers and start buying electric cars, prices will decline, the environment may get a second wind and we will be enriched by choice.  Our transportation, society, economy and freedom hang in the imbalance of Citizens United electing Kim Davis, and reason looming just out of reach, but still at our fingertips, if we update the software in our cars.



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