The View & Nurses – Bigots & Candidates – Pope Francis & Cow Gas Headlined by 9/20/15

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AFrancis I in America smallt the very least, we owe ourselves The View that every ER demonstrates:  we don’t always need a doctor, but as with Ebola scare, nurses are healthcare front line.  The view we need for respecting gender equality is, three more states ratifying ERA & less Bill Cosby; an American view with less Fiorina & more Planned Parenthood.

In 2015-16, what together are we willing to contribute (or sacrifice) to free ourselves from racial prejudice expanding its 21st century bigotry to focus politically on superficial differences in appearance, lifestyle, religion and sexual preferences?

Ready to stop waiting for someone to hand us the answers on a fast food tray?  Are we ready, with our votes, purchases and rallies to start telling Wall Street, Congress, NSA, EPA, DOJ & NRA what 47—99% of us want them to do?  Ready to let go of being bottom line speck on somebody’s doormat?  As nation, neighborhood, community center, place of worship, Social Media and individual, let us begin:

  • Prioritize Mental Healthcare and better gun purchase background checks
  • Get informed and take responsible action, acknowledging Climate Change denial can ultimately lead to flooded countries, as well as American states, and Climate Wars
  • Educate police and public in campus & military rape prevention
  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Transform our mind-set from fossil fuels to clean air & water
  • Become global citizens with humane student loan & Immigration Reform – not military conquest
  • Share our watchful eye on Wall Street bankers and Oil Barons, with Animal Agriculture, because cow gas is even worse for our environment than BP, Shell, GM, Exxon & Volkswagen

Or, all of us pay the price for corporate fossil fuel greed and consumer red meat cravings.  Almonds may not have transformed sunny California into the dried up Wild, Wild West, but it is those who thrive on driving, growing, selling, buying and over consuming, who, fuel what endangers life on earth.

Like any American, I’m all for convenience at my fingertips and instant gratification with each directed remote or mouse click.  So unless Papa can awaken the stewardship of Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself Nazarene in us; or unless we evolve from creators of food deserts devouring cheeseburgers, into Mediterranean Diet worshipers or devotees to reversing our Grain Brains — our destiny is the frog simmering in a pot of dirty water of our own boiling.

Deaf to the still small voice within, it is crucial we hear the voice of one crying out in the wilderness The New Peter, and be the change that rejuvenates earth from exhaustive depletion, and ourselves from over consumerism.

Why not stop living like overcrowded pinned up pigs gassing up on gas producing cows — dining on dyed chemicals, coal ash water, parched food sources, fishless oceans — still driving gas guzzlers.  It’s not God’s Will that created smog inhalation or increasingly devastating hurricanes and tornadoes — it’s Free Will.

Have we become one of three kinds of Americans?

  • Zealots believing Ideology is more important than people
  • Humanitarians believing in the civility of The Golden Rule, feeling people are more important than Ideology
  • The great manipulators who created The Great Recession

Whatever our politics or beliefs, let’s not worship immigration bigots, nor Lehman Brothers, Hewlett-Packard merger mother partying over 30,000 layoffs – tinkling Lies and Video Tape on #PP.

Facelift or not, The Right is wrong for America.  So let’s daily resuscitate our civic duty by paying attention and getting involved, because Climate Change, like animal agriculture, is the reality show making our past, our prologue.  Are we Rocco, Yeah. That’s it. More. That’s right! I want more!?!

View The Formula (1980, Marlon Brando, George C. Scott) but feed on Cowspiracybecause sometimes we want government to tell us only the part we want to hear.Climate Chage Cows






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