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Gifts:  from Little Boy to ISIS – Headlined on Thur 12/24/15

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TRV Human BeingArguably the greatest gifts we can give are, faith in ourselves, hope for our children’s future, love for all, and a knowledge of our past which makes us wise enough not to repeat it.

Both Old and New Testaments begin with boring lists of who begat whom, without lascivious details or revealing selfies.  So in this season of seemingly less Joy to the World, may I borrow holy template to offer some conceptual mapping from Over There left overs to O. K. Corral do over?

Denying the possibility that we were not invincible after all, an overwhelmed President Hoover and defeated Happy Warrior couldn’t spare us October 29, 1929, nor its offspring:  The Great Depression.

We needed a half-full glass mind-set, a broad smile and cigarette tipped heavenward for Happy Days Are Here Again.

For twelve years, Franklin Delano Roosevelt resuscitated America with alphabet agencies defying fear, even as the Greatest Generation went down to the sea in ships on a date which will live in infamy.

Left behind to finish, Missouri’s Harry Truman harvested Einstein’s Atomic Age and The Korean Conflict – bequeathing the police action to WWII Supreme Commander Ike, to divide to conquer, as Commander-in-Chief, Dwight D. Eisenhower

Heart attacks behind him, Eisenhower hoisted Cold War and Nikita Khrushchev on younger shoulders:  PT-Boat 109 Kennedy.

Gunned down after a thousand days, JFK’s legacy:  The Peace Corps, an isolated Cuba in a world saved from nuclear destruction — and a Texan named Lyndon.

Creating Gulf of Tonkin fantasy, LBJ left behind a wall of Vietnam dead, a wounded America and John Kennedy’s Civil Rights Act for Nixon’s last stand.

More than the first, gate, Nixon left behind an unintentionally united Vietnam and intentional eighteen-minute gap in history — but for the careening Ford — an institutionalized neoconservative closed group of radical zealots.

Neither VP nor POTUS elected, Gerald Ford, left behind Nixon pardoned, and the link of Dulles brothers to Fritz Kraemer and Bush/Cheney.

Inheriting the malaise of elitists John Foster & brother Allen, the Nixon hit list and a stumbling Ex-Warren Commission member too cowardly to speak assassination truth to CIA power until death did us part — Write It When I’m GoneJimmy Carter, nonetheless left behind Camp David Middle East Peace Accords between Menachem Begin and Anwar El Sadat – and in the sands of time, a failed attempt to rescue American hostages from Iran.

On January 20, 1981, “Ronnie” acquired Iran’s 444 days of Americans held hostage.  Tricking American voters, he cast himself as the hero riding in to save the day, just moments after ascending to 40th president.

Echoing the morals of a Nixon, Reagan left behind most Americans.

Advancing precedent setting Grenada, for pre-emptive nation invasions, President Reagan, after Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall, grandstanding on the back of a pope, left behind our 99% waiting for something to Trickledown – meanwhile, mistakes were made.

CIA tainted by the blood of Dallas, read my lips George H. W. Bush presuming a twice elected Reagan rerun, checked his watch once too often and retired to jumping out of planes, leaving behind a stabilized Iraq in the hands of Saddam Husain villainy, until relative neo-con punched his ticket.

William Jefferson Clinton was a shock and awe interruption for those determined to loop an everlasting Cold War winning refrain of, The Forty Years War.

Aided and abetted by the hypocrisy of House Speaker Newt Gingrich, zealot Ken Starr, Speaker to Felon Dennis Hastert, a dash of opportunism Henry Hyde and finger wagging oral in the Oval, Bill Clinton managed to leave behind the possibility of finally ending WWI imperial ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo, but no Glass-Steagall.

Like JFK before him, wild Bill left America with a thriving economic surplus solidly in the black – which fatefully deposited us into the agenda of Ralph Nader and Mission Accomplished burning bush.

George W. Bush, did his best at leaving all of us his worst:  the Mushroom Cloud Gang, including in no particular order, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, Gonzales, Yoo etc; perpetual war, death & destruction, ISIS, and, released from the shadows, America’s pre-Trump Dark Side:  Neo-Conservatism.

No matter what holiday we celebrate, for our Happy New Year:  understanding that there are always connecting dots that dissolve the greatest lies we tell ourselves. — truth sets us free from denial, so knowledge can flourish, and with knowledge, wisdom is empowered to evaporate hateful discrimination.

Not pageantry nor flag waving, but reason and love parent World Peace as does admitting and correcting our past mistakes.Presidents

Simple Truth:  No Simple Solutions – Headlined on Mon 12/21/15

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Climate Melting AwayThe last Democratic Debate was an outspoken, raucous triumvirate of speaking truth to the power and mistakes of a team of rivals, that pin-balled almost every issue on the minds of both the brave and the fear mongered.

Republican bluster and derision was replaced by Democratic passion and decisiveness, and even conservatives were the beneficiaries of clear thinking, mutually respectful civil discourse (until O’Malley’s age faux pas), though letting go of Cold War thinking is a worthy gauntlet to throw down on history’s fields of dishonor.

Although tremendously moved by the Senator’s burning passion, I miss the pragmatism component.  Even Obama publically admitted he had to accept contributions from those too big to fail everything, except American poor, unemployed, underemployed, Middle Class, and even gated community inhabitants, who think themselves safe from that tiny, luxurious, elitist, economic minority, using us as K. Street footstools.

BTW passionate undecided twenty somethings, sex discrimination is NOT outlawed in the U.S. Constitution, and, if you’re looking for promised perfection with quick and easy solutions, just ask the diminished Right to diminish student loans.

If you’ve been too posed or paused by selfies and if it bleeds it leads TV Media to know the difference, December’s Democratic Debate was a class act, and a truer reflection of what American character was, before the Military Industrial Complex became the troth at which International oil/war/pharmaceutical corporations dip for dripping profits.

Although Lincoln may have come closest, politicians, like Wall Street CEOs and seemingly too big to jail banksters have never been saints – not George Washington, not the Roosevelts Teddy & Franklin, nor the Kennedy brothers, and certainly not the anti-American shrubs, Prescott, George H. W. and #43 GWB.

So when will we learn to just say no to those who:

  • appeal to our lowest and basest inhumanity
  • can only spout repetitive vague catchy phrases, slogans and platitudes
  • practice: repeat a lie loudly, long enough, and it becomes the truth
  • embrace foreign leaders who kill dissenters
  • have peaceful protestors forcibly removed from campaign rallies
  • pit Americans against each other
  • incite violence
  • poison our water, food, neighborhoods, Golden Rule
  • defame the promise of Lady Liberty
  • deny Justice and Equality for all

Listen, Trickle Down Reagan was no more saint than Obama, the second coming.  Let’s stop expecting angels in the White House and start replacing the demons in the Supreme Court, Congress and GOP held state legislatures.

We recapture our national character by immolating heroic behavior of First Responders, Goodwill, Employment Agencies, Social Workers, Counselors for Bully targets and victims of Domestic Violence, Rape and mass murder.

I’m impressed by the accomplishments of First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and I agree with Senator Sanders, but we’re not a one issue nation with a pocketful of simple answers.  We are both House Divided and leader in a shrinking village ever more violent, against the very life of the planet and all life upon it.

And to all Obama haters, yes I prefer Presidents who must be dragged into war kicking and screaming – the Constitutional Lawyer cool, a plus — and I’m happy bigotry and corporatism have wasted billions fighting an idea of hope that few can courageously embrace in time of peril.

Anyone can believe when times are without challenge, but America’s true courage and character were exemplified by Charleston families and friends left behind by American gun violence.

Yet while President Obama pinpricks ISIS to increasing effect, we’re risking becoming world police, forever imprinted with Good Kill and Imperialism.

2015-16 is the hour for rational voters to elect prudent leaders to address towering 21st century global issues:  Climate Change, Global Justice and The Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secretive trade agreement being negotiated by special interest lobbyists and corporate lawyers around the world.

For unions, it’s like a global Scott Walker Koch head Christmas wish list come true; for America, the final nail in the coffin of our often touted Exceptionalism.

Both Climate Change and TPP are WWIII — the former declared by 99% over-consumerism and the latter, the yellow brick road, gold plated by the secret tribunals of multi-national corporations — American in name only.

In 2016 we have the freedom to recapture our essence, or in fear and denial, continue to look the other way.