Most Murders Are Terrorism – Headlined by Mon 12/7/15

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Snow Dog Face MountainMost initial reactions to horrific terror:  shoot from the hip.

Historically, in times of perceived peril, anger, loss and fear, many have Cruzed Right to extremes:  revenge, pogroms, enslavement, secession, domestic abuse, war mongering, Internment camps, Hitler, Auschwitz, Stalin, Bush/Cheney – drowning out our internal voice of reason.

Most dictators, street gangs and governments have seized and maintained power using guns and propaganda, mostly trumpeting the Good Kill value over the havoc of collateral damage wreaked upon innocent bystanders.

Most, like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray can’t agree, that most police are not white supremacists, but most know, Open Carry supporters of extreme Conservatives have established reasonable doubt that we’re still The Land of the Free.

Because most African-Americans are neither drug dealers nor domestic terrorists, most mass incarceration of black males, casts a hooded shadow over the 150th anniversary of the 13th Amendment – whitewashing streets of color for pre-emptive strikes by angry anti-Muslim mobs, anti-gay Christians and anti-Mexican Marshall Law.

Despite narcissistic rants, most Mexican-Americans are not illegal immigrants and most illegal immigrants are not murderers and rapists.  However, most migrant workers, fleeing religious, physical and political persecution, yearning to breathe free, still labor to provide food for descendants of original invading immigrants.

I once quizzically touched Uncle Gino’s hand gun.  Without even looking at me, he warned, guns are weapons for killing something and do not belong in the hands of people, not like us.

Seems most people believe that most people are, not like us, thus justifying, most of us need more guns than the bad guys who are, not like us, so good guys like us, can replay O. K. Corral style shootouts in schools, band concerts, theaters and holiday parties.

Most Asian-Americans are not like us, and will never ask us for laundry tickets, cats or coffee breaks, for their work ethic, shames that of Chipotle and Congressional 2016 get-a-ways.

Did you know that most Native Americans are neither addicted to gambling nor alcohol, and that those who are, are mostly the product of broken American treaties, Old World diseases and New World ordered, poverty?

We all know, most feel women and children first, but for some, that includes rape, incest and molestation.  While most men are not pedophiles, wife beaters or bullies, some of low character run for high office to perform puppet shows for Corporatism’s Military Industrial Complex choreographers.

Most women accelerate America’s value, beyond the kitchen, bedroom and being birthers — not just in the home, but in the House, the Senate and Courts of public opinion, on Wall Street, Main Street and 1 First St NE, Washington, DC – for most women are more than bully targets, trophy wives and sexretary toys.

Most of us realize, what the world needs now is love that never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance, even if our device driven lives diminish love making, and by extension, our white majority.  Most will agree, this gives a whole new meaning to, make love not war.

However, when our response to Paris and San Bernardino is throwing a Molotov cocktail at an American place of worship, then we’ve become the terrorists, because most Muslims are not murderers committing senseless acts of terrorism, with massive assault weapons more easily and legally acquired than a driver’s license or voter ID.

Most can own hand guns and hunting rifles, but most of us must save all of us from militarized massive assault weapons, for a salient lesson of American terrorism is:  Most Americans are being murdered by legal processions that most commonsense proves, need to be illegal.

Like Joe DiMaggio, Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone Robert De Niro and even Frank Sinatra, sometimes, most Italian-Americans are not Al Capone, but increasing numbers of mass shootings beg all of us to reject mob rule.

Instead, let’s fire up our melting pot with some United We Stand seasoning.


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