Questioning, Are We There Yet – Headlined by Mon 12/7/15 

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Porcupine DisconnectHow do we reverse Bush/Cheney, the sky is falling prostitution of 9/11 Patriot Act?  How do we actually link together to apply brakes on our self-destruction?

Surely we are not all sheep led by the loudest rants of hate.  The reasonable still outnumber the easily fooled and distracted, don’t they?  Are we not the Home of the Brave, the coming dawn of Exceptionalism, smiling through, wiped away tears, to carry on?

Perhaps it would help to hold accountable those who commit violent offense, whether the finger on the trigger, Congressional Koch heads or supreme interpreters of the Constitution, all firmly gripping panic by the coattails.

Isn’t it time we stop channeling a Right Wing fearfully armed, trumped up by, “I will keep you safe?”

Is it possible the Lord High Executioners of Columbine, Sandy Hook, Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago, a woman’s Planned Parenthood choice, and San Bernardino’s broken holiday cheer, are the Rubik’s Cube twisted in the extreme — eroding true faith, hope and charity?

With Due Process and Justice for All slipping from our fingertips, shouldn’t we compromising moderates and, all or nothing millennials, get a grip on the fire escape, before time stops our clock on Corporatism’s paved road to Extinction?

Perhaps lost in The Flash of gunfire, we suffer the slings of outrageous focus on NFL fortune, expecting The Arrow will save us from NRA’s mantra chorus of gun nonsense.  Are the enraged being transfixed and the deranged numbed into, my lock and load are the savior of the fold?

Isn’t it time we add Climate Injustice and mass incarceration to the murderous list of terrorism?

Before our clock is stopped by an expanding Military Industrial Complex into city streets of militarized police states, we need expose the frightened economic elite and depose their trumped collateral.

If gun violence and war are siblings sharing desire for pre-emptive strike — believing to take a life, somehow saves their own — perhaps it’s time to give both whistleblowers and the hard hearts of Conservatism, Corporatism and Congressional hawks, their just rewards.

Isn’t there a better cure for the national bigotry that has perverted our financial, government, media and educational institutions — making our children’s earth more vulnerable to the climate change our Global Warming has heaped upon them?

Before time stops the clock, admit it:  we’re the asteroid of fire, drought and extinction.

Perhaps, the old conservative dinosaurs who worship at the altar of an assumed eternal status quo – standing, bonus laden, with their backs to the lost in landslides, tornadoes and floods – shouting to the heavens, to the moon Alice, but promising no room in the inn on Mars for the taken, Left Behind.

Before time stops the clock on our children (as Florida’s seniors at The Villages for Paul Ryan, stopped Social Security for theirs), let’s ask ourselves, aren’t wars only as enduring and endearing, as the money changers who profit by them, choose?  Aren’t privatizing water and Detroit water shutoffs as much battlefields as the oil stained quicksand called, the Middle East?

Perhaps an enemy that consumes glazers, dehydrates the west before El Nino and disappears the Marshall Islands, is the enemy we need engage from within.

Isn’t it time we stop disconnecting on devices, from the actual small world of the mostly unseen, now born more deformed and silently slipping away?

Before time stops our clock, in epiphany, if not resurrection, we can be the foundation of millennial inspiration to slow down our erosion of earth, the loss of enough safe food to eat and clean air to breathe, long enough to find a cure to save our children from the lies and denials of old oil dinosaurs weaving tangled webs about Alzheimer’s disease, food deserts, Too Big to Jail, and the reasons for privatizing water and space travel.

Of course, Yes We Can!  Why else have Free Will to be Stewards of the Earth, and all life upon it?


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