Too Many Secrets

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Not knowing about the politically imprisoned former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman or the private rich and powerful men’s Bohemian Don Segelman SmallGrove Club or what happened to the Electric Car and why, is not the problem.  Not being interested enough to investigate, however, is a national life and death choice.

Knowledge is our only power, so let’s not waste it by continuing to look for the root of our free society demise in ISIL, China’s economy or Putin’s Russia.

The secrets we seek are seamlessly interwoven in our national fabric, by the overseers:  Robber Barons’ attempted coup — Truman NSA/CIA marriage — Dulles brothers’ Military Industrial Complex – #41 empire Dallas hit on #35 dynasty — Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and Cheney new war order — trumped voters succumbing to Cruz hypocrisy — corporate pretend news media — climate injustice — environmental buffoonery.

Without questioning is it enough to acknowledge the existence of political hacks, PACs and the Bilderberg Group?  What about Prescott/FDR, George H. W./CIA, GWB/Social Security and Karl Rove/televised tearful White House farewell?

Aren’t we just a little bit curious about how our Pentagon lost track of 8.5 Trillion Dollars?  Could it be the Foggy Bottom of war?  How much of our tax dollars are spent on Government Covert activities like, domestic spying offering up our personal and private information for Corporate bottom-lines?

If one President can transform an imprisoned island into a private prison, why can’t another, most powerful man in the world, close Guantanamo?  And whatever happened to our elders’ $1.37 Trillion #43 Bush borrowed from Social Security to finance Iraq war while granting tax cuts to those who don’t need Trickle-Down subsidies?

Should we wonder as we wander in tunnel vision maze, about Wall Street’s secret haze?

Isn’t it beyond ironic that third in line slave owner, ultimately couldn’t protect our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, without our declaring Democracy isn’t a spectator sport.  Was Jefferson’s warning about unchecked power of corporations and banks, time sensitive?  How about now?

How many know this open secret:  the FED neocons want shutdown is not run by the federal government they want to shut down?  From Silver Certificate to Federal Reserve Note, the U. S. Federal Reserve Bank is more private oil cartel than agency of, by and for the people.

Does understand how Black Gold, white supremacists and selective media coverage tea stain America’s rainbow?  If not, it certainly knows protesting Corporatism’s income centers does more to keep the Republic for which we stand, than camping, tent ensconced, in parks with laptops.

Why not focus our right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances…

  • in the lobbies and executive parking lots of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Citi-Bank
  • on Social Media of Exxon Knew, Philippines’ nemesis Chevron, under-the-table double dealing Shell, Gulf destroyer BP – and
  • in the hallways of Congress

While it still, actually matters, who the President is, do we really want to elect puppets of water supply poisoners, Methane Gas leakers, Coal Ash distributors, misanthropic climate deniers, bigots and those prone to incite violence against hyphenated Americans?

When I was a child, I always wanted to be Zorro and save damsels in distress, but when I became a man, I realized, not only is the pen mightier than the sword, it’s stronger than oligarchy, more rational than Open Carry and more honorable than GOP Debaters.

Whatever our politics, America will be the best it can be, to the degree all of We the People emulate Abraham Lincoln, Alice Paul, Emma Lazarus, The New Deal, John F. Kennedy, Rosa Parks, Bobby Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr – and if necessary, maybe even Manning and Snowden.

Questions?  Start asking, seeking and knocking – because there are too many secrets.

Kennedy Official Portrait


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