To What are Americans Entitled? OpEdNews Headlined Sun 1/31/15

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Akemi Pipelines SmallNot a Day Goes By, that I don’t remember how Watergate had So Many People shocked to discover American presidents, like Communist dictators, maintained hit lists – and still we’re shocked that cutting costs, at the expense of the health of children, can result in their city water supply being poisoned by its state government.

Can we all join Mona Hanna-Attisha, Rachel Maddow, Hillary Clinton and Andrea Miller in, Not While I’m Around?

Not a Day Goes By, that I don’t wonder how conservatives insist patriotism is emancipation from the federal government, while drowning America in too many Food Deserts, too few school nurses and too little awareness of how many lead water pipes exist, undisclosed, from sea to shining sea.

Denial is a terrible disease for a nation, or people, because Children Will Listen.

Take Me to the World, where assuming earth’s resources are limitless, and overconsuming our constitutional right, and I’ll show you a Good Thing Going, going, gone.  Anyone Can whistle, My Country tis of Thee while occupying Oregon, Congress or even Governors’ mansions, but must 47% of us vote like Sooner or Later never comes?

Not a Day Goes By with peace on earth if in our past, we have already left behind our children’s future.  On Main Street or behind the wall of The Street, No One is Alone in failing to be responsible adults accountable for our greatest infrastructure:  children.

Maybe not Everybody Ought to have a Maid, but imagine We Built That CEOs taking the road less traveled by.

Not a Day Goes By, without my pondering why America has transformed from Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley to, over the top Steve Kornacki, condescending Luke Russert and know-it-all Chuck Todd – but Send in the Clowns:  Glenn Beck, Matt Lauer and Bill O’Reilly, and the laughs are on us.

Why is it, Not a Day Goes By, without emerging Koch head Governors corrupting our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with substandard handling practices and Emergency Manager Laws?

There Won’t Be Trumpets November 8, 2016 for those who take the elderly Into the Woods, abandoning them to Alzheimer’s, and calling it Family Values.  We are defined by how we lift up our fellow human beings, for that is the Love I Hear missing through feet of snow, flooding cities, and racial slurs.

Is not Ol’ Red, White and Blue Glory, only as exceptional as Flint, Ferguson, Cleveland, Detroit, Harris County Texas, South Florida and the Supreme Court of Wall Street?

From declared independence to slavery, to congressionally inspired Draft Riots, saving the ‘Affluenza’ Teen Ethan Couch types from being bloodied by war – not a single day, is American harmony limited to one Francis Scott Key.

From the Harlem Renaissance to 9/11, America is those who first respond by voting; those standing up for equality in the face of a Nixon used and Trump abused silent majority chanting for an imperfect work in progress to recapture its greatness in reruns of Father Knows Best about Gunsmoke

Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for people like, immediate past Chair of Albemarle County Virginia Board of Supervisors, Jane Dittmar, who campaigns for Congress to Get Connected to We the People, rather than descend to depths of Buckingham County supervisors’ choice to entangle its constituency in the octopus of Methane Gas pipelines.

America is as complex as our Native, African, Latin, Asian, European immigrant Her & History, and as potentially tragic as West Side Story.  So now is never the time to right step our way into a Sweeny Todd nation, cutting out All Things Bright and Beautiful.

America, You Could Drive a Person Crazy, but whether Sunday in the Park with George or Poor Thing, we must remain Together wherever we go!


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