Real Grownups Listen to Children – OpEdNews Headlined Sun 2/7/16

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White House March 2011 2Hillary is right, it’s not just about Wall Street.

It’s about wealthy people taking homes from needy families in public housing.  It’s about Pharmaceuticals risking the public health and welfare with diminished production of medications.  It’s about finally putting women and children first, if only because of Alzheimer’s.

It’s about draining American know how by stunting educated expertise with bank loans reminiscent of recession causing mortgages.  It’s about people like Shkrelli being America’s economic Ebola and Corporatism’s Hedge Funds, shrinking our brain size like a Zika Virus.  It’s about being bitten by the ideology of The Streets, K, Wall and Main and internationally, leaving our children behind.

It’s about failing humanity’s bookends, elderly experience and youthful curiosity, while ignoring Syrian children starving to death before being bombed.

It’s about the silence that eats our young — not just BP, Exxon and Cheney’s Haliburton, but SoCal Methane; not just ISIS but FSIS.  It’s simply reading, writing and arithmetic:  too many Congressionally funded Foggy Bottom wars leaving too few tax dollars for EPA, FDA and ATF.

It’s about thirty-somethings’ diet transforming them into our crumbling infrastructure, expecting millennials to be equipped for, to infinity and beyond.  It’s about the inevitable awakening of more mayors to contaminated cold water in their face.

It’s about our bequeathing our inheritance from LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, and GW’s Mushroom Cloud Gang, to our children.  It’s about needing more than one person to reform a politicized Supreme Court and obstructionist Congress.

It’s about saving ourselves, with either one who’s played chicken with international bullies, bears, foxtails and wolf-packs or, millions whose New Year’s Resolutions are, to appear on the Washington Mall to fill-in foreign policy gaps.

It’s about Jeb Bush backers needing State Governments “not DC,” running things, because Conservative money is buying up Abbott and all the Red Costello Governors, Brownback, Snyder and the Scotts of Florida & Wisconsin, Rick & Walker.  It’s about only disciples of Cruz sleaze and Trump con job marks, as the new great white hope.  It’s about, We Built That.

Historically, girls, women and their Herstory of college, military & LGBT rape, spousal abuse, hungry children, minimum wage earners, American human trafficking, drugs and prison, was largely untold.

It’s about that, and this…

CUA’s Father Hartke once asked me to help a high school Sound of Music production.  The director nun asked, if as a white Von Trapp I’d mind kissing a black Maria, for none of the potential leading boys her age would.  So I gave Harolyn Blackwell, her first stage kiss.

When Actress/Producer, Leelee Sobieski was around eight, she was the dear friend of the beautiful little daughter of a soap opera writer with whom I was sharing NYC.  Neither young lady wanted Leelee’s younger brother involved in their playdate.  So I was cast as, the grownup.

Preoccupied with showing me all his toys, from which I was expected to choose, the two camps remained separate but equal, until he showed me his bow, arrows and sword.  Then, the entire Upper Westside condominium, filled with mother’s paintings, became Indians v. Zorro.

Nonetheless, upon mothers’ return, Leelee happily announced it was the only time her little brother had not intruded on girl time.  Then with a kiss upon my cheek, she asked me to come over for all their playdates.

No, it’s not just Wall Street, but all those children voting for the first time, because if We the People say, voting is not my job, expect followers to lead us into Food & Water wars.

It’s about young students, learning from the Iowa caucus, saving the life of Melissa Harris-Perry – and about a young mother feeling the heartbeat of her dead son in the body of a little girl, whose life was saved by a mother’s greatest sacrifice.

Some of us have to be the grownups.  It’s about that.



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