A Union Self-Divided – Headlined on OpEdNews.com Sun 3/6/16

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Before Maine Caucus, three men take two each and Hillary one. In death also, male trio and one grand lady:  sporty Bud Collins, author Pat Conroy, Oscar Winner George Kennedy and at 94, Nancy joins Ronnie – hopefully where shared memories are reborn.Akemi Character and Honor

Honoring the memory of this former starlet, for running the country while husband president recovered from a gunshot wound, can we at least have a moment of silence from constant streams of misinformation, exaggerating conjecture and we’ll be right back with more, we don’t knows?

It’s understandable to laugh at Koch anger inspired claims that Obama created Trump, as long as we laugh ourselves to tears wondering what laid such a rotten egg of crude, vile and vulgar in our Exceptionalism especially after Republicans like Lincoln, Garfield, Teddy Roosevelt and, though no Saint, Ronald Reagan?

Have we become mesmerized Pied Piper children trading in conservative great Goldwater, for a loud mouth spewing Hitlerisms?  Could we possibly be trumped into believing Conservative Financed Creationism spawned anything new — conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal?

Isn’t the Right Wing argument more for a house divided into many divide and conquer states — robbing Red, mining Yellow, enslaving Black, walling out Brown, allowing Corporatism greed, Conservative fear and putting enmity between our higher selves and nature — raping the very earth over which we are stewards?

All we like sheep, happily herded backwards, praising snake-oil, con-men and robots?  Is intoxicating denial blinding us to the truth that greatness comes from inner depth, and multiplies only when, like five loaves of bread and two fish, is freely given to all?

Are we doormats for demigods, fodder for the protectorates of wealth, enemies of our grand-children, ignorant of the death we’ve wrought on our children’s world, coal ash and poisonous lead contaminators of water, deliverers of climate injustice to majority of minority neighborhoods, suicides by toxic air — mistaking mouse clicks for communication?

Are we as

  • Gluttonous, as trumped puppets, Cruzin while eating and drinking ourselves to death
  • deaf as Governors denying Medicaid expansion
  • dumb as members of Congress laundering our taxes into black gold
  • blind to regurgitated Brown Shirts thuggishly removing protesters from an American political rally – as Right-Wing wannabes cherry pick the sanctity of our First Amendment Right to believe as we wish, while denying its inclusion of our right to peaceful assembly

Have we so succumbed to stupid, that, get ‘em oudder here, makes us believe our Founding Fathers’ Declaration of Independence established a Ku Klux Klan Christian nation, aided and abetted by Eisenhower’s 1950’s additions of, In God We Trust and One Nation Under God?

Can we not see that neither an Eden fixated Texas Senator nor New York Emperor of Bankruptcy is worthy of being the President of the United States of America?

Not repeating past injustice is only true path to greatness:

  • 1692 Women hanged, not burned, for witchcraft by Puritans who believed America was Winthrop & Reagan’s Shining City upon a Hill
  • We raped and murdered Native Americans as easily as GOP allows Syrian refugees to die seeking freedom
  • Whipping up public hysteria, Joe McCarthy destroyed American lives — as anti-American as not allowing Muslims in, and walling out Mexicans
  • African-American history: Slavery, Jim Crow, Voter ID, Police Brutality
  • Herstory: spousal abuse, campus & military rape, income disparity, denied Constitutional equality

Yes, American history is resplendent with great men who, on occasion, mention the many more, great women.  Perhaps 2016 is the year to emulate the past of our better half, to guarantee our future’s, united best.

Please vote without electing, What is Past is Prologue!

GOP NANCY REAGANGood-bye Nancy.  Hello Hillary?Hillary & NY Times



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