Month: May 2016

Memorial Day Rattles America’s trumped Campaign Cage — Headlined by 5/29/16

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Women in War Remembered 250OMG:  Care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan?  How can we accept such responsibility, celebrate human decency and honor individual sacrifice, when too many Christian attitudes betray Beatitudes?

Will we be made worthy to face tombstones of lives we’ve entombed with lies for oil wars?  How can a nation regain and sustain balance in the midst of tornados, earthquakes and madmen hurling incitements to riot, rot and ruin?

How do we find peace in a world rattled by nincompoops, terrorists and media trumped by its own spin?  Can we believe that those most vulnerable, to fear of the future and hate over the past, could ever comprehend what is, and is not, great about America?

And exactly how is casting our pearls before a court jester performing his parody of patriotism – an absurd mimicry of the easily manipulated by vain-glory — honor veterans, women and minorities?

What can hateful mob-rule memorialize but desecration of the valiant?

Shall we bequeath nutritious food to the future or dishonorably ignore the gluttony motivated slaughtering on mega factory farms?

Shall we gather at our polluted rivers and wade into the fight against corporate conservatives privatizing our most powerful liquid asset?

Exactly how does our vote snatch peace from the jaws of a violence for profit NRA, a fear-mongering Military Industrial Complex and a Right is Wrong society using middle class patriots for cannon fodder?

Are we to be narrowed by the tunnel vision of Wall Street cloning the hypnotized, fermenting on the heels of a combed over carnival barker?

Where can we find peace of heart or peace of spirit?

Is there no hope for peace of mind, before resting in peace?

And honestly what answers can we expect to these questions while we are kowtowing before the bottom line altar memorializing historic revisions?

When we hear a snake’s rattle, hasn’t wisdom taught us its spewed venom is poisonous to the good fight of a nation trying to follow corporate crumbs out of the fog of wars, to the coal spared mountaintop.

Victory and peace honor those who live daily, the greatest love of all, to lay down one’s life for the good of all – whether in Revolution, Civil disunion, World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan or in American neighborhoods & communities or on American streets.

What if, in memorial, for one brief shining moment, we look into the eyes of one who differs from us, and embrace that mind, welcome that POV, contribute our best to that life — for that is Exceptionalism – not using Holy Scripture and Old Glory to demean, denigrate or diminish.

In part, because we’ve been sink-holed by Media forgetting its responsibility to protect the public trust, we are sinking into the mire of a Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson, seeing savage red in everything except our toilets backing up with Jim Crow.

With one notable exception however: Tamron Hall calling out Wyoming Republican Senator John Barrasso, for dodging her questions with robotic GOP Talking Points.

Not so when imposing a gag order on President Obama about global concerns over The Right choice of an unqualified presidential candidate.

Neither custom nor geography excuse a president from his oath of office.  And for Chris Matthews to suggest they do, is yet another example of the skewed lunacy of a rogue Rove, demoted Starr and warped Charles Krauthammer.

A vote for petty, angry old men such as these, revives Dick Cheney’s “so,” and elects:

  • More Fossil Fuels with fewer rules
  • Insurance Companies not in business of protecting Americans
  • Pharmaceutical Companies not prepping for super bugs, but profiting from America’s misfortunes
  • Denying California Drought and other weather extremes
  • Dangerously crumbling bridges
  • Roads disappeared by rain
  • Big Agriculture stealing more water than Nestle

But there is hope, for under our debris of greed, war and bigotry, treasures of peace, honor and love await re-discovery.

However, honor and peace are not givens, but rather cherished responsibility memorialized in a society open to unity, civility and equality – if we can keep it.


Millennials:  Life between Nixon and Trump

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UR 66 Grad 68 Vietnam DeadWe can’t afford Bernie or Bust to become the TSA agents of politics, for nothing is saved by lying to ourselves, as Baby Boomers discovered after voting for Ralph Nader.

Despite disappeared Dinosaurs, engineers and scientific technology, nature has renewed itself throughout a millennium of mega storms and Climate Injustice.  However, because we live in a wounded eco-system, begging to ebb and flow with humanity, we need revelation:  whether weather can be saved from us, only Tellus Mater knows, but let’s start with un-electing snowballs from Congress and keeping baby bison out of backseats.

Mob-Rule tends to reduce reasonable thought and pervert all our Founding Fathers, Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, The Greatest Generation and The Best and the Brightest lived, and died, to protect, defend and preserve from anti-American plutocracy.

Reason or Reality Show Host; Common Sense or Climate Change Denial; Millennials running for Congress or cuddling with devices occupying social media – to advance to reform, we need evolve from the reality of where we are right now.

If we truly burn for renewal, Democrats need be the clarion call to replace our tea stained Congress of corporately compromised conservatives, with Climate aware, university educated and technically savvy Millennials.

When MSNBC hosts proclaim in astonishment their disbelief that Republicans are in agreement and Democrats are divided, their memory is historically deprived.  Republicans have always anchored America in lock-step to make political points, while Democrats have been our nation’s trouble shooters, like making trouble for NRA neo-cons who aren’t the least bit troubled by the troubles of 99% of American places of employment, malls, church & movie goers, health clinics or school kids.

Indeed, in the age of Robber Barons, the one percent considered it their duty to contribute to, as Scrooge put it, prisons and workhouses.  In the same spirit, men bestowed the privilege to vote on women.

Still Roe V. Wade is under threat and for Millennials of color, there are now private prisons; for teachers, unions and the mostly white Middle Class – the need for a second or even third job to make the end times left behind by Bush/Cheney, meet in the reality of angry old men.

So let’s not be lulled into believing temperatures of Bernie’s FCC fund raising Millennials can be put back in the bottle as easily as they were tapped to war on the status-quo.  America’s returns depend on a united Clinton & Sanders front, to successfully do battle with the billionaire Vegas basement dweller, and the Koch heads of the Indian Wells California club.

It will take more than one seventy-four-year-old with a sling shot to rock out Corporatism’s Goliath lust for a new world order of global control.

Before the 1997 warm salt water ocean currents shifted icebergs and Baby Boomers into the weather extremes of abrupt climate change, I was a student activist – not burning bras and administration buildings or getting pepper sprayed by low on the human intelligence scale Oakland Campus police, or being shot to death by Nixon’s National Guard of young millennials.

Though not digitally connected, sometime between LBJ’s Tonkin Gulf lies and lying Nixon’s Kent State, we Millennials of our day, spoke truth to power – and with our eyes and minds focused on the faces and points of view of others seeking solutions from different perspectives, we didn’t imagine telephoning death threats – and though too late for those killed during our Vietnam Era, it worked for all except Vietnam War Vets, and only against corporate interests who sent them to die for profit.

It is for us, the Baby Boomers to help Millennials save what we lost – our national essence, international humanity and honorable earthly stewardship – for claiming Exceptionalism is our story, makes it neither history, nor future.