Month: July 2018

Ask Ourselves: Who-What-Where-When-Why and How Trump!?!

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Resist being duped by the dancing red laser beam programmed by talking and Koch heads, and start asking, the five W’s and How our news media is failing to see current Trump administration events through the lens of First Amendment and Deep Throat, lessons.

Before Trump/Pence, we could occasionally rely on newspapers and radio, if not always TV media, to give us, Jack Webb’s, just the facts, ma’am, regarding how the How and five W’s corroborate the truth – albeit reminiscent of the forgotten Fourth Estate standards, honored by Edward R. Marrow, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, and the man who, like Rachel Maddow wept for our nation on national television, Walter Cronkite.

You want answers?  Sadly, Colonel Nathan R. Jessup was correct, we can’t handle the truth, if we’re in lockstep with herd mentality, allowing marketing ads to successfully brand us madmen fighting among ourselves – relentlessly ignoring, a House Divided cannot Stand, instead of following Putin’s Russian Rubles.

Admit the damage that our repetitive voting pendulum’s pinball machine approach to elections, both reflects and incites radical Newton’s Third Law mood swings – from keeping our Democratic Republic, to rippling democratic calls for an Arab Spring – to backlash swinging toward the comfort zone of what’s forever, Gone with the Wind.

Centuries after Sodom and Gamora and Amnon raping his half-sister Tamar, we’ve almost learned from #MeToo and #TimesUp how to indict the aggressive harassing predator of sexual assault, rather than re-persecuting those assaulted – regardless of gender.

Before Bush/Cheney’s endless oil wars, we protested LBJ’s & Nixon’s Vietnam geographical, death, maimed and brain damaged War escalations – ultimately confusing Americans in uniform whose lives were put in Harm’s Way, with the lies of the presidents who sent them.

Following precedent set by Mark Foley’s assault on Congressional Pages and Larry Craig’s wide stance, pickup line, we’ve endured Republican hypocrisy:  publicly bashing LGBTQ Rights, while men like, Ed Schrock and RNC Chair Ken Mehlman, secretly experimented with their sexuality — possibly even ignoring the pleas for help from sexually abused Ohio State students.

Too soon after the gun violence of Columbine & Sandy Hook flung open America’s identity extremes:  accepting Blue on Black shootings and Pulse, Las Vegas and Parkland mass murders – the NRA partnered with Russian spies to raise Putin’s puppet above our Old Glory.

Before Little Miss Maria Butina offered entry to her curds and whey, for access to an alleged sex offender accused of raping a thirteen-year-old girl, President Warren G. Harding invited little Miss Britton over to the White House for more than a lap dance.

Before AMI, Manhattan Madam and Roger Stone reveal, we were mute when our freedom to, take a knee, to honor lives cut short by racism, bigotry, hate, and vehicular murder – was maligned by a fake patriot.

Before 45 chose a poisonous murderer over America’s Intelligence Agencies, voting Democrats, by 65,845,063 to 62,980,160 valiantly attempted to defend the Land of the Free, from a Russian takeover of our electoral process – to implant a Groper-in-Chief and his selectively Christian Vice backup, our FBI & CIA led by example:  brining to justice American KGB moles, CIA’s Aldrich Hazen Ames and FBI’s Robert Philip Hanssen.

Since 1776, reasonable Americans have borne the weight of those clinging to past comfort zones, and now we must resist becoming, some of the people all of the time who believed claims of baby trafficking in a pizza shop basement were true

Before SCOTUS legalized same-sex marriage, a rainbow of Americans defeated AXIS powers – and our votes, alerting Putin and his USA allies, will defeat the trumped GOP with, This far but no further.

In 2018, it is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us – electing to embody an American Dream, for all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, by supporting Americans who are the answer to our call for reinvigorated thinking, and Justice for All, like Abigail Spanberger, Leslie Cockburn, Danica Roem, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kamala Harris.

After 6/16/15, my friends, dogs and cats inspired my hope to – Make America Kind Again.

Lifeblood of Decision Makers:  Image – Money – Votes – Power: Headline

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We need to stop banging our brainpower against banks instead of bankers, chastising Corporatism instead of CEOs and thumping Trump instead of trumping individual Koch-heads.

We need to sever our lifeline between lowlife lobbyists, gobbling Governors and corrupted Congress, by invading their space, and in serial peaceful assembly, hound the hording takers by increasing Call in Days.

In addition to marching in the street, let’s block driveways, corporate parking lots and entrances to government offices, so when decision makers look down through a glass darkly, they no longer see Boehner’s ants but democracy’s numbers.

Invading decision makers in ever increasing numbers, we light our path from under greedy uber power needing to keep us under their spell, into the light of being their earthly hell.

The individuals with whom we seek a face-to-face are far fewer than we and weakened by dismissively underestimating us.

Knowing they are serving poisoned food and water, suffocating life on earth, killing with endless waring lies and snuffing out the future of all younger than forty – they cling to Robber Baron infrastructure and do it anyway.

We are energized by identifying the marionettes dancing to dissonant tunes played by puppeteers without a public face.  Although unable to reveal those we cannot see, let’s divulge to those we know, the consequences of robbing, raping and pillaging USA.

This is not a time of Revolution or Civil War reruns, nor any form of violence.  This is a rebirth of freedom that demands the courage to stand tall, stand united – even in boycotting silent laser beam focus, directed at the heartless, soulless, arrogantly shameless decision makers who are laughing at us and the plight they’ve bequeathed us.

None of which will matter, however, to either valiant vanquished or vile villains if we keep enabling wannabe masters racing to Frack us with oil slicking, pipeline leaking, factory farming, water polluting and life chocking air.

Know this truth to be self-evident, our complete devastation in the next 25-75 years – brought upon us by those who know they’re killing us, but nonetheless, laugh all the way to the decision makers at Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank et al – is only a dire possibility, not immanent to the fool-hearty – for foolishness dictates, there’s time to frolic, because poorer nations populated by darker complexions will have their food and clean water supply discontinued first.

When We the People recognize decision makers, like Koch’s Mitch McConnell, bigot Jeff Sessions and Paul Ryan’s Scott Walker are killing us, but our organized mutually beneficial causes choose to fail separately rather than grasp victory with the union needed in current power play heaped upon us by offenders of freedom – we die.

Forevermore, we must be, Out of Many, One!

Decision makers have money, but all our marches demonstrate, we are the numbers.  No CEO or elected official inner circle can win against united advocacy – nor can separate but equal causes defeat advertising billions.

However, when a moderate Center and all Left of Center prioritize having collective power over self-defeating turf battles, we will not be welcome mats for Trump/Putin/Pence/Sessions urinating Fascism all over our America the Beautiful.


  • Why will America, except for Puerto Rico and Florida, be one of the last nations to self-destruct?
  • Why are industry polluting facilities only built in neighborhoods populated by people of color?

Despite our current administration of human ticks, We the People reflect more international heroes like a Thai Soccer Coach, NATO and The Queen – when we embody the essence of our 1776 Declaration and 1863 Address.

King’s, all of God’s Children, still teaches importance of internalizing lessons of Gandhi’s fasting and Denzel’s Malcolm X – so we are emboldened by the hope in a reopened Emmitt Till murder investigation, Peter Strzok v Gowdy GOP – to hold accountable, presidential power inciting violence.

Now, let’s confront political image, expose bribes, halt gerrymandered votes threatening our 2020 Census, castigate CEO power and nullify the takers, taking our United States of America.

PS: if you think private and public decision makers will warn us like they did in Flint Michigan — you’re right.