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After Mueller Barred – What’s Next America? – Headline & Tremr Staff Pick

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It’s not the devastating disastrous challenges with which the webs of conservative government wallowing in demagogic visions of billionaire boards, nor Global Climate Change denials that entangle us – it’s the art of how we deal.

Our best, what’s next, is making reparations for the meaningful we’ve stolen from others – especially during our Trump/Pence error – with affordable healthcare including preexisting conditions, electing descendants of former slaves to positions of power and saving all children and students from ICE, unbearable student loan debt and Betsy DeVos.

Next, cease following The Right in the wrong direction; desist obsessing over our mythically enhanced past; ellipse debris of our serial Gates, Trickle-Down deceit and Bushwhacked, Mistakes were Made – and walk the walk, we’ve incessantly talked.

What’s next?  Patience for under-informed family and friends; turn off media conjecture turned hyped gossip; tune out Madison Ave marketing whitewashing thinking – resist billion-dollar wall pieces and Billionaire CEOs, with an out of this world plan to escape earth’s climate challenges.

Reason is the saving infrastructure sparing America fragmentation by mob rule choruses wailing No Collusion cover-up chants.  With or without the trumped, We the People must lead by the constitutional example of peaceful assembly – transforming, petition the Government for a redress of grievances, into being elected to all levels of it.

As people, nation and earth’s inhabitants, our ultimate power is Free Will steeped in, Freedom of Choice – brimming with the Exceptionalism of Self-Determination.

Remembering, Nixon was reelected in a landslide even after Watergate was headlined news, let us individually self-examine, why:  if, a combo of The Right conservatives indifferent to criminal politicians vs. an extremely Liberal candidate on The Left – then decline a rerun of, what is past is prologue.

If we must test, Divided We Fall, let’s plant Ol’ Glory in a watershed opposing Pence religious hypocrisy zealots, McConnell’s secretly banker rented cronies and the Impeachment cravings of an energized Left Wing perhaps too pragmatically deficient, to see the core of immorality is conservatives losing sight of it.

The lies we continue to tell ourselves about Sandy Hook, NRA comrades enabling Las Vegas, Orlando’s Pulse and Parkland murders while ignoring Trump’s ICE cold kidnapping of our morality, by imprisoning and trafficking children, demands our, what’s next, must confront our Peter Principal reality show personality’s Base, despite understanding finally, no matter the cause, reasonable people do not possess infallible powers to reason with people who choose to be unreasonably committed to unscrupulous men without reason.

What’s Next then:  All-inclusive Liberalism recapturing and intellectually nurturing America’s FDR/JFK center.

Current Republican Party Conservatives, as Barbara Bush discovered but failed to internalize, are reminder and reflection that, America was never a united country speaking in one voice, nor Americans all for one and one for all – notwithstanding the brief shining moments of civilian and military leadership during our Revolution, World War II and Cuban Missile Crisis – when such courage and humanity preserved, protected and defended both America and humankind.

What’s next, courageously honor America’s Herstory, acknowledge contributions of LGBTQ, people of color and immigrants knowing the real lessons rooted in perpetual wars are, the breeding grounds for Wall Street greed and GOP deceit.

America’s best defense is not offensive inhumane government, in the pocket of bankers banking on Recession returns.  It is in choosing to peacefully lead by examples of the Golden Rule, even if 35% of us, choose to pretend, foreigners seeking asylum at our southern borders are greater threats to America’s greatness than those hacking our elections.

Even when a president surrounds himself, and by extension us, with felonious cohorts and moneyed Republican puppeteers of the trumped, are breathtakingly motivated for a Mars relocation – division conquers only when both sides contribute to its derision.

Claiming to love God and Country, while disdaining climate science, diminishing affordable healthcare and neglecting gender & racial equality and livable income parity, is anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-earth’s stewardship.

After Leon Jaworski v. Richard Nixon, our judicial system decided it is the legal responsibility of Congress, not an Attorney General, to determine how a special prosecutor’s discovery is to be applied during and after 1600 Pennsylvania Ave occupation expires.

Mueller wrote, “while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

Now, what’s next:  We the People demanding our government’s Office of Legal Counsel follow Trump’s suggestion to investigate, the other side:  why Trump was exonerated by his handpicked AG and why conservatives continue denying life on earth its last chance:  an American Green New Deal.

The challenge of all-inclusive government is the Democratic gauntlet at the feet of McConnell’s trumped GOP, and what’s next is not premature victory laps with vengeful intent, but like a Mueller Grand Jury, an accountability mirror reflecting America, continuing robustly.

Caregivers for America v. Trump’s Bully Pulpit Tough People Bluster Headline

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To survive Trump/Pence rout of American Constitutional laws, caregivers of reason need become America’s global healing force for global peace, earth’s revival and both rejuvenation and survival of honest elections for government of, by and for the people – because Donald Trump has irrevocably proven his world view; the real art of his deal:  tough people rising up against a peaceful transfer of presidential power.

Although founded in the midst of treasonous revolt turned miraculously blessed revolution, America was not built by rich and powerful property owners, but by farmers, small business owners and young adults who were the formative catalysts of our first, greatest generations.

The American Dream nightmare, however, remains confusing American one person one vote Exceptionalism, with superiority over all who don’t look like Benedict Arnold, think like Edward Rutledge or behave like John Adams.

America’s Ascension began its Descension when our founding reins of power, were usurped by conservative wealth, for whom power is the thrill of dominating the vulnerable – and the more colorful.

Since, with a sense of entitlement, Europeans in search of plunder, intruded on a massively beautiful, true land of the free, violently conquering and lasciviously infecting its indigenous natives – people who care for global life, have been increasingly ignored by invading bullies.

America’s half-told history is replete with violent, rougher behavior and oversimplified short-sighted responses to, the Golden Rule.  Now, self-destructive denial is wounding those who care enough to give, and those most in need of care.

Rooted in the love of money instead of caring for humanity and planet, psychological clones of Martin Shkreli, CEOs of Tabaco industry and Great Recession causing Wall Street banks, who knew what they were doing, and did it anyway – to Conservatives and Liberals alike – now gluttonously melt our children’s future, denying Climate Change while institutionalizing Climate Injustice – for profit.

Nonetheless, America’s caregivers come in all shapes, sizes and colors – both gay and straight, Democrat and Republican – all, having accepted hands on responsibility to the suffering of others, knowing, good people must do good things for other people – because greedy bigots won’t.

But are we, who are blessed with standing on the enviable side of Dementia, addiction and physical challenges, caring for human beings to whom Conservative Republicans, Billionaires and, after birth Evangelicals are increasingly, deaf and blind, being drowned out by public and private executives seeding hate?

Most Americans know our latest version of America, trumpeting Trump/Pence, is neither renewed greatness nor our finest hour – but more akin to Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act and the 2005 Republican 108th Congress protection for NRA bottom line and gun makers’ immunity.

There is a difference between remembrance of history and reverence for it, and until more of us become caregivers for earth and all life upon it, we risk being buried by those worshiping at the altar of extreme drought and flooding denial, Mistakes were Made and the Mission Accomplished lies we tell ourselves.

Wisdom is founded in listening – particularly to our first caregivers:  mothers, nurses and teachers who know the life-giving value of, always, listen to the children – instead of sentencing them to crippling student loan debt, income disparity and constitutionally ensconced gender inequality.

The mantle of, The Greatest Generation, tarnished by Baby-Boomers, has been passed to new generations, but Lady Liberty’s torch, a smoldering reminder of what can happen to, one brief shining moment, when left in the bloodstained clinched fists of the apathetic and self-indulgent.

Allowing America to be defined by conservative gray-haired men who have failed to conserve trust, hope or safe environment for those who stand in the shadow of their palatial envying monuments to a failed past – cannot be the America we bequeath our children’s children.

The digitally unsavvy v. device dominated; sixties’ spiritual reboot v. hypocritical religious zealots; balanced Biden experience v. charismatic Beto shooting-star – is now taking our measure.

Earth needs America’s continuity, but unless we define victory as more than toppling Trump towering immorality, freedom’s lessons are lost to panic inciting mob rule.

Deniers breed, division in the ranks.  Caregivers nurture the healing power found in the promise of older moderate Liberals united with the reflection of their hungry younger selves.

There is no more important caring gift than a bedside manner that saves all life on earth from our Trump/Pence death rattle.